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Congratulations Northwest Team XTREME - USSSA 2013 Middle School Division Sportsmanship Award Winners.

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Last Update: 4-22-14

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  • The main agenda item will be team identification by division.
    IMPORTANT If you are unable to make this meeting please email Jack Miller to advise on the number of teams, by division, your town will be fielding this Summer.

  • Registration Fee Due
  • Please come prepared with dates when your team will be unable to play. This information will be used to create the Summer schedule.
    ***The more accurate the information - the better the experience for everybody!***

    * * NCGSL 2013 Most Valuable Player Awards * *

    NCGSL presented the 2013 Most Valuable Player awards at the league tournament in East Hartford. The winners were selected by votes from the head coaches in their respective divisions. All nominees received medals and the MVPs received our traditional engraved MVP plaque. Congratulations to this year's winners and nominees:


    Final High School Division Standings

    East Division WL TPTS GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
    1East Hartford140028-- W1410-07-07-015533
    2Vernon White950185 W26-45-24-311751
    3Stafford860166 W16-45-33-393116
    4Vernon Blue770127 W14-64-33-47174
    -Hebron680128 L14-64-32-5118114
    6Glastonbury II680108 L25-53-43-477103
    -Coventry590109 L24-64-31-687140
    8Glastonbury I1130-213L21-91-50-871182
    West Division WLTPTSGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
    1West Hartford112022-- L18-17-14-112748
    2Enfield950142 1/2L17-35-24-310456
    -Ellington860143 1/2 W56-45-33-37263
    -Northwest770144 1/2 L17-55-22-56983
    5Canton680105 1/2 L24-64-42-48192
    -Windsor I680105 1/2 W14-65-11-785124
    7Granby49087 L33-72-32-67789
    8Windsor II311069W12-82-41-789126

    Final Middle School Division Standings

    East Division WL TPTS GB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
    1East Hartford95014-- W78-35-14-410365
    2Glastonbury770122 L16-43-44-3137148
    -Hebron770122 W14-64-23-5143141
    -Coventry770122 L37-64-23-5157158
    5Vernon212047 L12-82-60-6126219
    West Division WLTPTSGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
    1Enfield140028-- W1410-08-06-019270
    2Northwest1220242 W78-26-06-214851
    3Somers680128 L24-63-63-2133127
    4West Hartford3110611 L33-103-40-7114185
    5Granby3110-211 L22-102-51-676173

    Final 12U Division Standings

    Team WL TPTS GBSTR HomeAway RSRA
    1Northwest102020 --L15-15-115072
    2Enfield83117 1 1/2W26-02-3-112657
    3Somers84016 2W53-25-213992
    4Windsor65113 3 1/2W13-33-2-1133111
    5Glastonbury4715 5 1/2L12-3-12-495165
    -West Hartford2915 7 1/2L21-5-11-491193
    7Hebron21002 8L32-50-598162

    * * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '13 * * *

    The league's 2013 summer season featured thirty-eight players participating in their final year of USSSA High School Division eligibility. The league directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League a continued success. NCGSL would not be possible without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

    Andover: Marissa Caron.
    Avon: Rachel Asnes.
    Berlin: Amanda Patterson.
    Canton: Emma First, Alex Powell and Holly Whytock.
    East Hartford: Samantha Chaleun-Aloun, Kristen Charest, Olivia Gonzalez (upper left), Krystal Jackson, Erica McKinley, Kevi Oatway and Amanda Santiago.
    Enfield: Sara Aube, Katie Saltzgiver, Kristen Serafin and Kenzie Vermette (upper right).

    Glastonbury: Emily Bengtson.
    Hebron: Emily Pintavalle.
    Manchester: Shannon Hill (mid right).
    Marlborough: Casey Pinckney.
    New Hartford: Kara Deming and Vicki Uribe.
    Stafford: Jailene Rivera (mid left).

    Torrington: Jaime LaChance.
    Vernon: Emily Burg, Jayde Hickman, Kayla Terry-Wemmell and Shannon Turgeon (lower left).
    West Hartford: Yashvi Dave, Sarah Hebb, Elizabeth Lagoy, Jamie Lohneiss and Caitlyn O'Meara.
    Windsor: Alisha Collazo (lower right), Tiffany Colon, Kacey Rendock and Kelly Shannon.

    * * * N.C.G.S.L. - Past Seasons * * *

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