Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League made two major changes to its organization prior to the 1999 season. For uniformity, it was decided to become A.S.A. registered and insured when it became apparent that the league would continue to exist based on the positive response from the member towns. Secondly, it was decided to run two A.S.A. age groups, U-14 and U-16, to enable the member towns to offer competitive summer softball to both junior and senior high school aged players. Although now governed by A.S.A. Junior Olympic rules, our league amended those rules slightly in order to more closely duplicate C.I.A.C. competition.
Overall, the league expanded from ten to fourteen teams, six U-14 and eight U-16. Towns entering the league in '99 were Stafford, Vernon, Suffield and Hebron. Andover was unable to return and Enfield entered only two teams, one in each division, as did South Windsor and Somers. A total of 231 players were registered, up from 170 in 1998.

Final League Standings

U-16 Final Standings
1Newington130--- W136-07-017639
2Hebron1221 1/2 W16-16-119584
3South Windsor944 L15-24-2154106
4Suffield677 L14-32-4116158
5Enfield598 1/2 L13-42-5139176
6Somers499 L32-42-598115
7Ellington4109 1/2 L22-52-5110158
8Stafford01212 1/2 L120-60-670225

U-14 Final Standings
Teams WL GBSTR HomeAway RSRA
1Somers113--- L16-15-2211113
2Vernon1141/2 L17-14-3255159
3Enfield962 1/2 W44-35-3241206
4South Windsor685 W13-33-5186218
5East Windsor5106 1/2 W14-41-6156222
6Tolland2139 1/2 L32-60-7119255

* *Players of the Week* *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. 1999 U-16 Most Valuable Player - Sarah Miller, Hebron. * * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. 1999 U-14 Most Valuable Player - Sarabeth Thorne, Somers. * * *

* * All-Star Games * *

The NCGSL 1999 U-14 and U-16 All-Star games were played at Field Road Park in Somers on the evening of Friday, August 20th as a twi-night doubleheader. In the U-14 division, a team comprised of players from the 1st, 3rd and 5th place teams defeated a team of players from the 2nd, 4th and 6th place teams by a score of 6-0. The U-16 game was decided by a 15-7 score as a team of players from the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th place teams bested a team comprised of players from the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th place teams.

1999 U-14 All-Stars

1-3-5 Team (Coach - Rick Post, Somers)
Somers: Sarah Hills, Beth Palmer, Rachelle Proulx, Katie Skypek.
Enfield: Amber Lacivita, Amanda Michaud, Stephanie Montville, Kate Zuraw.
East Windsor: Julie Lech, Ashley O'Brien, Lindsay Raber, Erin Stoecker.

2-4-6 Team (Coach - Tom Gordon, Vernon)
Vernon: Tawny Boulanger, Catherine Carter, Shannon Clancy, Michelle Reichert, Marlene Rispoli.
South Windsor: Liz Harrison, Amber Hovland, Ashly Hovland, Danielle Spiro.
Tolland: Ashley Emerson, Laura Filipek, Danielle Ostien, Eileen Tanner.

1999 U-16 All-Stars

1-3-5-7 Team (Coach - John Danner, Enfield)
Newington: Megan Cirigliano, Shannon Roberts.
South Windsor: Shannon Firetto, Maureen Gamache, Ashley Killingbeck.
Enfield: Shanielle Danner, Kristy Farnan, Liz Mullin, Andrea Tarbox.
Ellington: Jessica Cosman, Daisy Scarlato, Kelly Wilson.

2-4-6-8 Team (Coach - John Brinkman, Hebron)
Hebron: Sue Gaber, Kristen Lukach, Sarah Miller.
Suffield: Emily Allen, Brittney Hinckley, Deedee Presser.
Somers: Kristine Anderson, Jen Slater, Denise Trubia.
Stafford: Kristy Beebe, Stephanie Kelley, Jessi Zeigler.

* * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '99 * *

The following 25 players participated in their final year of A.S.A. U-16 eligibility in the 1999 season.
Ellington: Katie Harrington.
Enfield: Melissa Duffy.
Hebron: Lindsay Adams, Catherine Brinkman, Kimberly Custance, Susan Gaber, Sarah Miller, Ginny Sullivan and Melanie Turgeon.
Newington: Alana Desroches, Jen McKinnon and Aimee Viens.
Somers: Nicole LaPlant, Melanie Nyquist and Jen Slater.
South Windsor: Chelsea Clyburn, Michelle Macchi and Andrea Zimmerman.
Stafford: Heidi Bard and Kristina Brooks.
Suffield: Heather Beaudoin, Jackie Berriman, Krystal Blanchette, Katie Block and Christine Muska.

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