Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The league structure and membership changed only slightly from the previous year. The number of teams, six U-14 and eight U-16, remained the same. Somers repeated as U-14 regular season winners over the same towns that were represented in 1999. East Windsor won the U-14 tournament, winning 5 out of 6 games played, after ending their regular season with a 4-0 week. In U-16, Newington did not return and Vernon was added, becoming the fourth town with teams in both age groups. The U-16 league was also separated into two 4-team divisions, North and South. Enfield and Vernon finished first in their divisions and South Windsor took home the U-16 tournament trophies after an exciting final against Vernon.
Player registration for our third season decreased to 220 from 231 in 1999.

Final League Standings

U-16 Final Standings
North Division WL GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Enfield104--W4 4-26-14-313080
2Suffield851 1/2W2 3-25-13-411457
3Somers773L2 3-34-33-485124
4Stafford396L6 1-42-41-55688
South DivisionWL GBSTRDivHomeAwayRS RA
1Vernon112--W6 5-17-04-211756
2South Windsor774 1/2L1 4-23-44-311992
3Ellington685 1/2W1 2-45-21-676103
4Hebron2129 1/2L4 1-51-61-669166

U-14 Final Standings
1Somers132--W3 8-05-220893
2South Windsor1221/2W1 7-05-219284
3East Windsor864 1/2W4 5-23-4177119
4Vernon697L3 4-42-5197183
5Tolland5108L2 2-53-5188230
6Enfield01513L15 0-70-861314

* * Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. 2000 U-16 Most Valuable Players - Lauren Person, Vernon and Sharon Woronecki, Suffield. * * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. 2000 U-14 Most Valuable Player - Sarah Hills, Somers. * * *

* * All-Star Games * *

The NCGSL 2000 All-Star Games were played as a twi-light doubleheader on Friday, August 25th at Field Road Park in Somers. The U-14 game began at 6:00PM and featured a North Team (Somers/East Windsor/Enfield) against a South Team (Vernon/South Windsor/Tolland). The South Team prevailed by a score of 18-4. The U-16 game began shortly after the conclusion of the U-14 game with All-Stars from the North Division versus All-Stars from the South Division. A South rally in the 9th inning fell just short as the North won 7-5. All participating players received medallions to commemorate this concluding event of the 2000 NCGSL season.

2000 U-14 All-Stars

North Team (Coach - Dean Hills, Somers)
Enfield: Alyssa Cannella, Katie Dumoulin, Danielle Dwyer and Dawn Ezold.
East Windsor: Julie Lech, Ashley O'Brien, Erin Stoecker and Julie Tetreault.
Somers: Jen Brown, Sarah Hills, Katie Skypek and Melissa Vamvilis.

South Team (Coach - Mark Lassman, South Windsor)
South Windsor: Melissa Beane, Amanda Karagianis, Christine Lemieux, Jen Wallace and Jenna White.
Tolland: Rachel Fain, Larissa Jesanis, Laura Konikowski and Danielle Ostien.
Vernon: Sherri Gandini, Mary Gordon, Rachel Laster and Kaylee Santuccio.

2000 U-16 All-Stars

North Team (Coach - Bob Michaud, Enfield)
Enfield: Amanda Michaud, Stephanie Montville and Andrea Tarbox.
Somers: Sarah Hills, Noreen Kelly, Ashley Mazzoli and Sarabeth Thorne.
Stafford: Tori Butler, Erica Norcross and Jessi Zeigler.
Suffield: Emily Allen and Moira Cahill.

South Team (Coach - Tom Gordon, Vernon)
Ellington: Jessica Cosman, Christine Frank and Daisy Scarlato.
Hebron: Lindsay Christensen, Allison Theilig and Alex West.
South Windsor: Amanda Boileau, Stacy Collins and Jess Oliva.
Vernon: Tawny Boulanger, Catherine Carter and Lauren Person.

* * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '00 * *

The following 29 players participated in their final year of A.S.A. U-16 eligibility during the 2000 season. Several are original members from 1998. We hope you have enjoyed summer softball with NCGSL and thank you and your families for your support.
Ellington: Cristin Chambers, Jessica Cosman, Michelle Dunn, Sara Hodgdon, Courtney Metsch, Daisy Scarlato, Amy Tripp and Kelly Wilson.
Enfield: Carrie Reynolds, Clare Rubino and Amanda Turbide.
Hebron: Megan Aldridge, Lindsay Christensen, Allison Clark and Alex West.
Somers: Michelle Pac.
South Windsor: Maureen Gamache, Megan Jones, Ashley Killingbeck and Kelly Niederwerfer.
Stafford: Kristy Beebe, Stephanie Kelley, Chrissy Minor, Melissa Morrison and Erica Norcross.
Suffield: Britney Hinckley, Kristy Orr and Sharon Woronecki.
Vernon: Shannon Nelson.

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