Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League underwent record growth for the 2001 season. Four new towns (Bolton, Manchester, Simsbury and West Hartford) entered the league, bringing our total to 14 member towns. The total number of teams increased from 14 to 20 and registered players rose to 326 from 220 in 2000. Ellington became the fifth member town to enter teams in both age groups. Five teams were added to the U-16 league; three new towns (Bolton, Simsbury and West Hartford) and two former U-14 teams (East Windsor and Tolland). The thirteen teams were divided into two divisions with Vernon and Enfield capturing their respective regular season titles. Simsbury emerged as victors in the U-16 league tournament, beating a tough Enfield team in the championship game. The U-14 league increased by one team as new entries Ellington, Enfield2 and Manchester replaced East Windsor and Tolland. South Windsor went undefeated to win the regular season trophies. Vernon narrowly defeated South Windsor in an exciting final to take the U-14 league tournament crown.

Final League Standings

U-16 Final Standings
East Division WL GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Vernon141--W3 8-06-18-016645
2Tolland1043 1/2L1 5-34-26-213395
3Somers954 1/2L1 5-35-34-212983
4Stafford965W2 6-24-35-38775
5Hebron31110 1/2L7 1-72-51-671169
6Ellington31211L2 2-62-51-798179
7Bolton01212 1/2L12 0-60-70-568224
West DivisionWL GBSTRDivHomeAwayRS RA
1Enfield132--W4 8-07-16-116856
2Simsbury1121W9 5-15-16-111620
3South Windsor864 1/2L2 3-33-45-210892
4East Windsor597 1/2W3 1-42-53-4106151
5West Hartford4108 1/2L4 2-52-52-5125129
6Suffield21110L2 0-62-50-697154

U-14 Final Standings
1South Windsor120--W12 6-06-021456
2Vernon1022W7 5-15-121344
3Enfield1844W1 4-24-2140125
4Ellington666L1 3-33-3165161
5Manchester399L5 1-52-491169
-Somers399L3 1-52-4109199
7Enfield201212L12 0-60-687265

* * Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. 2001 U-16 Most Valuable Player - Rebecca Fuller, Tolland. * * *
Other nominees: Stephanie Maynard (Bolton), Julie Tetreault (East Windsor), Christine Frank (Ellington), Annie Tarbox (Enfield), Brittany Christensen (Hebron), Jessica Savino (Simsbury), Ashley Mazzoli (Somers), Jess Oliva (South Windsor), Victoria Butler (Stafford), Deedee Presser (Suffield), Lauren Person (Vernon) and Theo Dworak (West Hartford).

* * * N.C.G.S.L. 2001 U-14 Most Valuable Player - Mary Gordon, Vernon. * * *
Other nominees: Alyssa Skewes (Ellington), Kim Collins (Enfield1), Barbara Kaplan (Enfield2), Katie Viara (Manchester), Melissa Vamvilis (Somers) and Christine Lemieux (South Windsor).

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '01 * * *

After the 2001 season, thirty-eight players aged out of the A.S.A. U-16 guidelines. Several are charter members from 1998. The NCGSL directors and coaches would like to express their gratitude to these players and their families for their participation and support in making this league a success.
Bolton: Brienne Albasi and Lisa Irish.
Ellington: Christine Frank and Ashley Morgan.
Enfield: Samantha Eck, Kristy Farnan, Nicole Jones, Megan Macsata, Stephanie Montville and Annie Tarbox.
Hebron: Kelly Gardner and Laura McDonnell.
Simsbury: Jen Burns, Kathleen Heagney, Leah Seltzer, Jess Seraphin and Kim Trimble.
Somers: Kristine Anderson and Noreen Kelly.
South Windsor: Stacy Collins, Diana Gamache, Jess Oliva and Kelli Wallace.
Stafford: Amanda Litvinchyk.
Suffield: Moira Cahill, Amy Defocie and Cassandra Donnelly.
Vernon: Shannon Clancy, Melissa DeBarge, Sandra Luz, Colleen McNamara and Michelle Reichert.
West Hartford: Katie Albright, Jill Cetel, Julia Cohn, Jennifer Lacus, Samantha Munson and Kate Provencher.

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