Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League had several composition changes from 2001. Bloomfield and Windsor entered our organization with teams in the U-16 league, increasing the number of member towns to sixteen. Enfield was unable to return in U-16; East Windsor combined with Ellington and Suffield with Somers. The twelve teams were formed into three 4-team divisions with Tolland, Simsbury and Bolton taking home the regular season trophies. West Hartford defeated Tolland 3-2 in an exciting U-16 tournament championship game.
The U-14 league gained two teams, as Simsbury and Suffield joined the seven returning teams from last year. Ellington, with an 11-2 record, finished in first place. Vernon successfully defended their U-14 tournament title with a 6-2 win over Enfield1 in the final.
Overall, NCGSL had a net gain of one team but total player registration decreased slightly (322) from 2001 (326).

Final League Standings

U-16 Final Standings

North DivisionWLGBSTRDivHomeAwayRSRA
1Tolland65--W3 4-15-11-49788
2Stafford661/2W1 3-35-21-47265
3Somers671L1 2-44-32-47291
4Ellington571 1/2L1 2-33-22-57481
West DivisionWL GBSTRDivHomeAwayRSRA
1Simsbury92--W2 5-13-26-04826
--West Hartford103--W4 4-26-14-29538
3Windsor742L2 3-34-23-26958
4Bloomfield1139 1/2L7 0-61-60-736147
South DivisionWLGBSTRDivHomeAwayRSRA
1Bolton75--W3 4-24-23-310087
2Hebron761/2W1 4-24-33-37641
3South Windsor661L2 3-22-44-28189
4Vernon284L4 0-50-32-56574

U-14 Final Standings

1Ellington112--W4 6-15-111139
2Enfield11031W8 6-04-317769
3Simsbury842 1/2L3 5-23-214874
4Somers853W6 4-24-3181161
--South Windsor743L1 4-13-312372
6Manchester664 1/2L1 4-22-4139148
7Vernon497L6 2-42-5148148
8Suffield1109 L101-60-488174
9Enfield201210 1/2L12 0-50-750269

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2002 U-14 M.V.P., selected by the U-14 coaches, is Alyssa Skewes, Ellington (right). Congratulations to the other nominees: Regina Falkowski (Enfield1), Barbara Kaplan (Enfield2), Jocelyn Dennen (Simsbury), Mindy Oswell (Somers), Danielle Usiadek (South Windsor), Jennifer Silva (Suffield) and Danielle Baker (Vernon).

Jessica Savino, Simsbury (left) was elected 2002 U-16 M.V.P. by the U-16 coaches. The other nominees honored by their teammates were Sarah Federico (Bloomfield), Samantha Morris (Bolton), Kerry Stoecker (Ellington/East Windsor), Jill Mangan (Hebron), Ashley Mazzoli (Somers/Suffield), Jen Wallace (South Windsor), Marcie Boldi (Stafford), Samantha Morrow (Tolland), Abby Johnson (West Hartford), Elizabeth Edwards (Windsor) and Melissa Rebai (Vernon).

* * Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '02 * * *

Our 2002 summer season featured fifty girls playing their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The NCGSL directors and coaches extend their best wishes and thanks to those players and families for their support and participation in making this league a success.
Bloomfield: Alison Balcanoff, Heather Garrett, Genesis Hart, Julie Melanson and Aleesha Young.
Bolton: Heather Wright.
East Windsor: Erin Stoecker.
Ellington: Karyn Deptula, Ashley Gioia and Shelley Guerin.
Hebron: Amanda Brown, Kristen VonHone and Kate Wiley.
Simsbury: Amanda Cleveland, Natasha Fahey, Liz Mikkelson, Pamela Mills, Jessica Morris, Amy Neureither, Diane Rumbold and Jessica Savino.
Somers: Rachel Clark and Ashley Mazzoli (upper left).
Stafford: Stacey Beebe (upper right), Victoria Butler, Marcie Boldi, Britney Church, Amanda Syme, Michelle Syphers, Jessi Zeigler and Amy Zimmerman.
Suffield: Jessica Doane (left) and Mary MacKinnon.
Tolland: Lindsey DuBosar, Rachel Fain, Laura Filipek, Rebecca Fuller and Samantha Morrow.
West Hartford: Sheri Brick, Heather Corrigan, Theo Dworak (right), Abby Johnson, Kelly McCormick, Michele Ribeiro and Erica Stankoski.
Windsor: Elizabeth Edwards.
Vernon: Jessica Call, Shannon Miller, Julie Molina and Kellie Nelson.

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