Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League expanded to 24 teams in 2004, each age group growing by one, with a total of 362 players participating.
The U-14 division, with a total of 202 players registered on 13 teams, gained a second entrant from West Hartford. Manchester Blue took home the regular season title with a 12-0 record and then repeated as U-14 tournament champs, winning all their games to become the first NCGSL team to finish an entire season and tournament undefeated. They bested a tough West Hartford I team in the tournament final.
The U-16 league totaled 160 players on 11 teams. Mansfield did not return but Suffield and Marlborough entered teams, bringing to seven the number of towns fielding teams in both age groups. Vernon and Granby won their respective divisions and Enfield defeated Vernon 2-1 in an exciting U-16 tournament final.
Both All-Star games ended in 7-7 ties to conclude the league's seventh season.

Final League Standings

U-16 Final Standings

East Division WL GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Vernon111--L1 7-16-05-110325
2Hebron764 1/2W2 4-35-12-59255
--South Windsor764 1/2L1 4-44-23-46541
4Somers576W3 3-33-32-410664
5Marlborough01311 1/2L13 0-70-70-631191
West Division WLGBSTR DivHomeAway RSRA
1Granby140--W14 10-07-07-010349
2Windsor1044W4 7-34-36-18327
3Enfield1054 1/2W1 6-45-35-211376
4Suffield41010W1 3-62-42-666119
5Simsbury31111L1 2-83-40-780120
--West Hartford31111L5 1-83-50-665138

U-14 Final Standings

1Manchester Blue120--W12 6-06-011234
2Enfield1111W10 7-04-111227
3Somers933W1 5-14-212589
--Suffield933L1 5-14-216063
5Vernon755L1 4-23-312584
6Ellington566 1/2W1 2-13-511685
7South Windsor577W1 2-43-311386
8Manchester Red477 1/2L2 2-32-4101114
9East Windsor488W1 2-42-4111129
--West Hartford I488L5 1-53-3153183
11East Hartford399W1 2-41-577141
12West Hartford II21010W1 0-62-476210
--Marlborough21010 L21-41-666186

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2004 U-14 Co-M.V.P.s, selected by the U-14 coaches, are Katie Viara, Manchester Blue (left) and Kim Collins, Enfield (right). The other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches were: Melissa Hunt (East Windsor), Lindsey Gondek (Ellington), Joanna Kinghorn (Manchester Red), Chrissy Swider (Marlborough), Kacey Oswell (Somers), Marianne Specker (South Windsor), Sam Cieri (Suffield) and Katie Mainelli (West Hartford I).

Lisa Caruso, Granby (right) was elected 2004 U-16 M.V.P. by the U-16 coaches. Congratulations to the other nominees: Alyssa Cannella (Enfield), Kara Pinto (Hebron), Alyssa Hovanec (Marlborough), Kelly Overbye (Simsbury), Nicole Nixon (South Windsor), April McWha (Suffield), Mary Gordon (Vernon), Jennifer Alvarez (West Hartford) and Tracey Sanko (Windsor).

* * 2004 Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '04 * * *

Our 2004 summer season featured 42 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches extend their appreciation and gratitude to them and their families for making NCGSL a continued success.
Ellington: Tara Heffernan.
Enfield: Alyssa Cannella (upper left), Dawn Ezold, Regina Falkowski, Kelsey Flanagan, Kyleen Klement, Lauren Miles and Sarah Wenz.
Granby: Becca Gamble, Julie Kindl, Meagan McGuire, Kristin Veneziano and Ashley Yucha.

Hebron: Jessica D'Anzi, Allyssa Eisenberg (upper right), Danielle Dupont, Emma Rathbun, Stephanie Smith and Alyssa Yardis.
Simsbury: Sheila Capetta, Megan Neureither and Kelly Overbye.
Somers: Delia Bardsley, Kayla Bower, Sarah Hills (mid right) and Crista Maggio.
South Windsor: Marissa Foley, Nettie Marciano (mid left) and Kathy Marulanda.
Suffield: Caitlin McGunigle and Jaime Pearsons.

Vernon: Suzanne Carlson, Alyssa Hoyt (lower right) and Amanda Viens.
West Hartford: Jennifer Alvarez, Ashley Brazal (lower left), Rachel Dolin, Kelley Eblen, Kyle Roncaioli, Jessica Swetcky and Allison Tracey.
Windsor: Meaghan Maloney.

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