Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League grew by five teams and almost 100 players in 2005. As both age groups expanded, the 459 players competing from the 18 active member towns represented an increase of more than 25% from the previous year. Nearly one-half (224) of those participating were first year players. Coventry and Canton joined the league and Tolland returned after a two year absence. A total of nine member towns entered teams in both age groups, up from seven in 2004.
Our U-14 division grew to fifteen teams with 245 registered players. Granby, Windsor, Canton, Coventry and Tolland were new entrants while West Hartford returned only one of its two teams from 2004. Manchester Blue and East Windsor moved up to the U-16 division. Ellington and East Hartford captured their respective division titles and East Hartford bested Enfield in an exciting U-14 tournament final by a score of 4-3.
The U-16 division expanded to fourteen teams totaling 214 players. Enfield and Suffield both fielded two teams with Manchester and East Windsor moving up from U-14. Marlborough did not return its U-16 team. Manchester, continuing the success it enjoyed in U-14, and West Hartford won their divisions with a combined 23-5 record. Windsor defeated Manchester 2-0 in a superbly played U-16 tournament final.
Concluding the 2005 season at New State Road Park in Manchester, the U-14 West Division all-stars downed their East counterparts by a score of 11-2. In the U-16 nightcap the Nationals edged the Americans 4-3.

Final League Standings

U-16 Final Standings

American Division WL GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Manchester131--W4 5-16-17-014632
2Suffield Pink1221W2 7-06-16-115941
3South Windsor1043W5 4-35-25-210158
4Somers954W1 3-45-24-311769
5Vernon865L3 3-43-45-211042
6Enfield Fireballs31110L3 1-61-62-570188
7East Windsor11312L2 1-60-71-634106
National Division WLGBSTR DivHomeAway RSRA
1West Hartford104--W2 6-15-25-213687
--Windsor104--W1 6-14-36-112046
3Enfield-Fermi773L3 3-43-44-395115
4Granby684W1 5-24-32-574115
5Simsbury4106L1 2-51-63-470105
6Suffield Rebels3117W1 1-63-40-766178
7Hebron2128 W11-51-61-677193

U-14 Final Standings

East Division WL GBSTR DivHome Away RSRA
1Ellington113--W2 11-37-04-317662
2Vernon811/2L1 8-15-13-08726
3Manchester952L1 9-54-25-315288
--South Windsor952W1 9-55-24-312695
5Tolland763 1/2W3 7-63-34-3108117
6Marlborough575W1 5-73-32-4104127
7Somers2118 1/2L2 2-111-61-590152
8Coventry01310 1/2L13 0-130-60-760236
West DivisionW LGBSTRDiv HomeAwayRSRA
1East Hartford122--L1 12-27-15-112865
2West Hartford1042L1 10-45-25-212357
3Enfield953W2 9-54-35-2119104
4Windsor864W2 8-64-24-4121107
5Canton597L2 5-93-42-5123115
6Suffield4108L2 4-103-41-665100
7Granby11311L5 1-130-71-661192

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2005 U-14 East Division M.V.P., selected by the U-14 East Division coaches, was Courtney Horvath, Ellington (right). The other nominees in the East Division honored by their teammates were Ariel Diaz (Manchester), Chrissy Swider (Marlborough), Camille Thomas (Somers), Christine Vareed and Mindy Sharon (Tolland) and Kelly Cocco (Vernon).

The 2005 U-14 West Division M.V.P., selected by the U-14 West Division coaches, was Amy Quattropani, East Hartford (left). The other West Division nominees were Crista Atkinson (Canton), Julie Marks (Granby), Angela Moskwa (Suffield), Maureen Martucci (West Hartford) and Jenna Olander (Windsor).

Katie Viara, Manchester (right) was elected 2005 U-16 American Division M.V.P. by the U-16 American Division coaches. The other nominees in the American Division honored by their teammates were Jessica Szymanski (East Windsor), Sue Scanlon (Enfield Fireballs), Kacey Oswell (Somers), Jacquie O'Brien (South Windsor), April McWha (Suffield Pink) and Hannah Koch (Vernon).

The 2005 U-16 National Division M.V.P., elected by the U-16 National Division coaches, was Jackie Mendola, Windsor (left). The other nominees from the National Division were Amanda Farnan (Enfield-Fermi), Kim Winalski (Granby), Jen Rey (Hebron), Becca Raymond (Simsbury), Kara Chamberlain (Suffield Rebels) and Alicia Lambert (West Hartford).

* * 2005 Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '05 * * *

Our 2005 summer season featured 47 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches extend their appreciation and gratitude to them and their families for making NCGSL a continued success.

East Windsor: Courtney Martin and Ashley McHugh.
Enfield: Danielle Allen, Shaylan Chamberland, Jessica Crank, Crystal Haynes, Susan Scanlon, Nicole Serafin, Christine Sheehan and Rheena Ware.
Granby: Lisa Caruso, Chelsie Hayes and Alexis Mattia (upper left).
Hebron: Alyssa Hovanec, Ashley Lang and Jennifer Rey.
Manchester: Kathryn Howroyd.

Simsbury: Ashley Drake, Lisa Martinelli, Rebecca Raymond (upper right), and Jillian Roop.
Somers: Alicia Courtois, Lauren Mashiak, Michelle Milliken, Mindy Oswell (mid left), Jaclyn Shepard and Melissa Vamvilis.
Suffield: April McWha (mid right).
Vernon: Nicole Albertson, Andrea Golina, Desirae Hewitt and Rebecca Mattern.

West Hartford: Jessica Bello, Emily Corbalis, Mallory Crawford, Rebecca Demers, Jessica Montez, Kossandra Sundt, Lindsey Toper (lower left) and Gloria Torres.
Windsor: Toni Cangemi, Abby Caron, Stephanie Frenette, Caylee Johanson, Jackie Mendola, Andrea Varney and Amanda Ziaks (lower right).

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