Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


In 2006, NCGSL added the U-12 age division, which was able to field eight teams. Overall, the league grew by those eight teams and almost 150 players (25%) from 2005. The summer league had 37 teams and 571 registered players, 278 of which were first year participants. An additional 35 players signed up for our U-14 fall league, giving us a grand total of 606 registrants for 2006 and officially making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League the largest girls' fastpitch league in the state. Glastonbury and Willington joined the league, giving us 19 active member towns. Enfield, Granby, Suffield, Vernon and West Hartford were able to field teams in all three age divisions.
Our U-12 division had 132 players registered in its first season. Enfield captured the regular season title with a 12-1 record. Tolland, 6-6 in the regular season, defeated Suffield (1-11) in the U-12 tournament final played at Sterling Field, West Hartford. The U-14 division remained at 15 teams, with a few changes from 2005. The Tolland and East Hartford U-14 teams from 2005 moved up to U-16 and Marlborough did not return. Glastonbury and Hebron were new entries, as well as a second West Hartford team. Registered players numbered 230, down slightly from 245 the previous year. Vernon (11-2) and Enfield (13-0-1) won their respective divisions in the regular season. Enfield also captured the U-14 tournament title, defeating Suffield 9-2 in the final.
The U-16 division remained at 14 teams and had 209 registered players. East Hartford and Tolland moved up from U-14 and Enfield-Fermi and Hebron did not return from 2005. Suffield Pink (13-1) and West Hartford (11-2) claimed the division titles. Simsbury edged West Hartford 4-2 to win the season ending league tournament at Brookside Park in Ellington.
The 2006 All-Star games again took place at New State Road Park in Manchester but were moved to Saturday, August 19th in order to include the U-12 game, which began at 4:00PM. The West All-Stars hung on for a 7-6 win over their East counterparts in the inaugural U-12 game. In the U-14 game, the East squad bested the West by a 10-4 margin. In the U-16 nightcap that was shortened to 5 innings by rain, the North stars downed the South by a score of 4-0.

Final League Standings

Final U-16 Standings

North Division WL GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Suffield Pink131--W9 12-16-17-012032
2Enfield943 1/2W2 8-35-24-27452
3Simsbury666W1 5-64-32-36561
--Somers666W1 5-53-23-46546
5East Windsor587 1/2W1 5-62-43-47275
6Granby4109L3 4-82-52-58780
7Suffield Rebels11211 1/2L2 1-100-71-549181
South Division WLGBSTR DivHomeAway RSRA
1West Hartford112--W4 10-25-16-19226
2Windsor853L1 7-43-35-26832
3South Windsor863 1/2W1 7-54-34-36883
--East Hartford863 1/2W2 6-65-23-46575
5Manchester774 1/2W2 5-74-33-47459
6Vernon596 1/2L3 4-84-31-66559
7Tolland2119L9 2-92-50-639142

Final U-14 Standings

East Division WL TGB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1Vernon1120-- W211-25-16-113752
2Manchester10301 L110-35-15-210362
3South Windsor8603 1/2 W18-62-46-210480
--Ellington8603 1/2 W18-65-23-49586
5Coventry5806 W35-82-53-3105104
6Somers21008 1/2 L42-100-72-356139
7Hebron21109 L82-110-62-429106
West DivisionW LTGBSTRDiv HomeAwayRSRA
1Enfield1301-- W813-0-16-0-17-015964
2Suffield10313 L110-3-15-25-1-113897
3Windsor9504 1/2 L19-56-13-414493
4Canton6807 1/2 L16-84-32-5141165
--Granby6807 1/2 W16-83-43-4102110
--West Hartford I680 7 1/2W16-84-32-5126 115
7Glastonbury5908 1/2 L25-94-31-6109123
8West Hartford II0140 13 1/2L140-140-70-761 213

Final U-12 Standings

1Enfield1210 --W75-17-019688
2Willington1040 2 1/2L15-25-2185108
3West Hartford 1761 5L12-55-1-1164180
4Tolland6615 1/2 W13-33-3-1135117
--Vernon6615 1/2 W13-2-13-4156140
6Granby580 7L22-53-391128
7West Hartford 2491 8L12-4-12-5122202
8Suffield1110 10 1/2L11-60-598184

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2006 U-12 M.V.P., selected by the U-12 coaches, was Katie Krogmann, Enfield (right). The other nominated players were Katie Jones (Granby), Samantha Guzzi (Suffield), Alyssa Valenti (Tolland), Sara Carpenter (Vernon), Ali Stevens (West Hartford 1), Caroline Karanian (West Hartford 2) and Maggie Kryznel (Willington).

The 2006 U-14 East Division M.V.P., chosen by the U-14 East Division coaches, was Kelly Gentilcore, Manchester (left). The other nominees honored by their teammates were Emily Armstrong (South Windsor), Amanda Granville (Somers), Lindsay LaChance (Coventry), Jamie Vallarelli (Vernon), Ashleigh Williams (Ellington) and Alicia Wojcik (Hebron).

The 2006 U-14 West Division M.V.P., elected by the U-14 West Division coaches, was Angie Moskwa, Suffield (right). Congratulations to the other West Division nominees - Jenna Allen (West Hartford I), Natalie Kyparidis (Enfield), Amanda Longley (Glastonbury), Jessie Schroeder (Canton) and Nina Varney (Windsor).

The 2006 U-16 North Division M.V.P., selected by the U-16 North Division coaches, was Sam Cieri, Suffield Pink (left). The other North Division nominees were Elizabeth Breen (Suffield Rebels), Kim Collins (Enfield), Kathleen Conway (Simsbury), Courtney McGuire (Granby), Kacey Oswell (Somers) and Ginger Starvish (East Windsor).

The 2006 U-16 South Division M.V.P., chosen by the U-16 South Division coaches, was Alicia Lambert, West Hartford (right). The other South Division players honored by their teammates were Emily Armstrong (South Windsor), Dana Carpenter (Vernon), Lisa Donato (East Hartford), Danielle Leone (Manchester) and Kim Marris (Windsor).

* * 2006 Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '06 * * *

Our 2006 summer season featured 44 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League the biggest and best in the state. This league would not exist without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

East Hartford: Allison Ryan.
East Windsor: Karissa Parker (upper left).
Enfield: Kim Collins (upper right), Melinda Koblosh, Shari Perez and Kari West.
Granby: Andrea Bastiaanse, Christine Blake, Leighton Conley, Paige Letendre, Courtney McGuire, Amanda Sullivan and Kim Winalski.
Simsbury: Abbey Williams (mid left) and Danielle Work.

Somers: Chelsie Merone and Nicole Vamvilis.
South Windsor: Jordan Barile (mid right), Sara Cherepinsky, Rachel Clymer and Chelsea Ellington.
Suffield: Samantha Bieleski, Caitlin Brault, Elizabeth Breen, Melanie Chapman (lower left), Amylia O'Neill and Brynn Scozzari.
Tolland: Arianna Ciccarelli.

Vernon: Danielle Baker, Ashley Bloxam, Sarah Browning (lower right), Lindsay Gondek, Amber Hoyt and Kendra Skoly.
West Hartford: Kelsey Allen, Heather Gianfriddo, Nicole Malenfant, Jennifer Matthews, Kristen Montano, Vanessa Morales and Kyla Walgren.
Windsor: Elizabeth Manly, Kimberly Marris and Tracey Sanko.

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