Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


The 2007 season, NCGSL's 10th, saw the league expand by four teams and over 50 players as it continued as Connecticut's largest girls' fastpitch softball organization. The summer league fielded 41 total teams comprised of 623 players, 237 of which were first time participants. An additional ten players signed up for our U-14 fall league, giving us a grand total of 633 registrants for 2007 in 18 active member towns. Six towns (Canton, Ellington, Enfield, Granby, Suffield and Windsor) were able to enter teams in all three age divisions.
Our U-12 division had 171 players as it grew from eight to ten teams in its second season. Canton, Ellington, Glastonbury and Windsor were additions while Vernon and West Hartford2 did not return. Tolland won the East Division with a record of 7-1-1 and Granby went 8-2 to capture the West. Tolland successfully defended their U-12 tournament title with a 7-1 win over Granby in the final at Sterling Field, West Hartford.
The U-14 division was comprised of 200 players on 14 teams. Hebron, Manchester, Glastonbury were unable to return from 2006 and West Hartford fielded just one team instead of the two it had previously. New entrants were Canton, East Hartford and Willington. South Windsor and Suffield both recorded 14-0 records to win their respective divisions. Suffield captured the U-14 tournament title, defeating South Windsor 6-5 in an exciting final at Brookside Park in Ellington.
Our U-16 division grew to 17 teams and had 252 registered players, up from 209 players on 14 teams in 2006. Canton, Ellington, Enfield Falcons, Glastonbury and Manchester White were new entrants, while the Suffield Rebels and Tolland did not return. Ellington (8-4) won the East Division, Vernon (11-3) the South and Suffield (11-3) the West. East Hartford put it all together in the season ending tournament at Brookside Park and beat Suffield 2-0 in an exceptionally well-played final.
The 2007 All-Star games were again held at New State Road Park in Manchester on Saturday, August 18th. The U-12 East All-Stars downed the West by a score of 12-3 and the U-14 East were 5-2 victors over their West opponents. In the nightcap, the U-16 North Stars blanked the South 3-0.

Final League Standings

Final U-16 Standings

East Division WL T GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Ellington840-- W26-26-02-410176
2Somers7501 W25-34-23-38071
3East Windsor7702 L33-63-44-377107
4Enfield Falcons5703 W43-42-43-37688
5Enfield Fireballs5803 1/2 W14-53-42-49893
South Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1Vernon1130-- L18-24-37-09944
2East Hartford10301/2 W28-23-27-19541
3Manchester Red9502L16-44-35-28071
4Manchester White4806 W14-53-31-55588
5South Windsor31108 L12-82-51-658109
6Glastonbury11109 L81-80-61-52475
West Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1Suffield1130-- W19-15-26-17931
2Simsbury7603 1/2 L15-44-33-37058
3Windsor7704 W23-74-33-47162
4Canton6714 1/2 L24-5-12-4-14-310189
5Granby6805 L15-53-43-499101
6West Hartford4816 L12-6-12-42-4-152113

Final U-14 Standings

East Division WL GB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1South Windsor140-- W1413-07-07-019750
2Tolland955W5 7-55-24-312597
3East Hartford855 1/2 W16-46-02-510390
4Ellington866L3 6-44-34-3130108
5Vernon588 1/2W1 5-62-53-393141
6Somers599L4 5-72-53-497135
7Coventry41010L2 4-93-41-697125
8Willington11313 L101-121-60-769183
West DivisionW LGBSTRDiv HomeAwayRSRA
1Suffield140--W14 12-07-07-015261
2Granby866L2 7-53-45-29081
--Windsor866W1 7-54-34-394100
4West Hartford688 W14-83-43-4129117
5Canton41010W1 3-72-52-599161
6Enfield31111L7 1-91-62-582111

Final U-12 Standings

East Division WL TGB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1Tolland711-- W25-1-13-0-14-17235
--Willington820-- W27-24-04-210439
3Ellington4413 L23-3-13-11-3-16557
4Glastonbury4604 L42-62-22-46778
5Enfield2906 1/2 L12-72-40-545103
West DivisionW LTGBSTR DivHomeAwayRS RA
1Granby820-- W17-03-25-08947
2Suffield6502 1/2 W14-45-21-37375
3Windsor4503 1/2 W44-52-12-46359
4West Hartford3705 L33-53-30-478113
5Canton2705 1/2 L42-61-41-34989

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2007 U-12 East Division M.V.P., selected by the East Division coaches, was Alyssa Valenti, Tolland (right).

The 2007 U-12 West Division M.V.P., chosen by the West Division coaches, was Erin Walsh, Granby (left).

The 2007 U-14 East Division M.V.P., elected by the U-14 East Division coaches, was Tori Thomson, South Windsor (right). Congratulations to the other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches - Kelsey Arnet (Tolland), Sarah Carpenter (Vernon), Colleen Ecsedy (Willington), Shannon Klock (East Hartford), Emma Polinski (Coventry), Annie Sawamura (Ellington) and Samantha Urbon (Somers).

The 2007 U-14 West Division M.V.P., chosen by the West Division coaches, was Julia Muscarella, Suffield (left). Congratulations to the other nominees - Jenna Beverly (Enfield), Katie Jones (Granby), Mallory Martucci (West Hartford), Liz Mutch (Canton) and Kelly O'Brien (Windsor).

The 2007 U-16 East Division M.V.P., elected by the U-16 East Division coaches, was Taylor Brown, Ellington (right). The other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches were Megan Chipman (Enfield Fireballs), Lauren Little (Enfield Falcons), Kacey Oswell (Somers) and Ginger Starvish (East Windsor).

The 2007 U-16 West Division M.V.P., chosen by the West Division coaches, was Monique Gauthier, Canton (left). Congratulations to the other nominees - Kathleen Conway (Simsbury), Michele Niejadlik (Suffield), Melissa Nolan (Windsor) and Amy Rapuano (Granby).

The 2007 U-16 South Division M.V.P., elected by the U-16 South Division coaches, was Erin Selavka, Vernon (right). Congratulations to the other nominees - Ariel Diaz (Manchester Red), Kristin Gentilcore (Manchester White), Amanda Longley (Glastonbury) and Heather Trinks (East Hartford).

* * 2007 Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '07 * * *

The league's 2007 summer season featured a record 55 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. Our directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League a continued and growing success. This league would not exist without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

East Hartford: Ashley Appel, Lisa Donato (upper left) and Abby Rodriguez.
East Windsor: Jillian Cote, Chelsee Parker, Heather St.Amour and Jessica Szymanski (upper right).
Ellington: Courtney Horvath and Bridget Millane.
Enfield: Tori Benoit, Megan Chipman, Danielle Pelletier and Elyse Mahoney.
Granby: Amy Evans, Kristen Hammick, Stephanie Hebert, Amy Rapuano and Kelleanne Salazar.
Manchester: Kristin Gentilcore (mid left), Yomarie Rodriguez and Jennifer Vitkus.

Simsbury: Danielle Somen.
Somers: Kara McGuane, Kacey Oswell (mid right), Monica Palmer and Sarah Schulz.
South Windsor: Candace Clark, Colleen Clark, Alicia Morrison, Maeve Neiswanger and Marianne Specker.
Suffield: Taylor Bartini, Kara Chamberlain, Samantha Cieri (lower left), Emily Droney, Barbara Kaplan, Kathryn Kenney, Whitney Mackay, Amber Nadeau, Michele Niejadlik and Kalleigh Peterson.

Vernon: Dana Carpenter, Mary Falkowski (lower right) and Jocelyn White.
West Hartford: Lucy Fracasso, Mary Provencher, Katherine Silva and Kristen Vibberts.
Windsor: Caroline Aldrich, Caitlin Bramucci, Cristina Flynn, Rebecca Hopkins, Jodi Myers and Jenna Olander.

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