The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


For NCGSL's 11th summer season in 2008, the league grew by another three teams, to a total of 44, with the number of registered players (622) remaining about the same as the previous year. First time participants numbered 192. Of the 19 active member towns, seven (Canton, Enfield, Granby, Suffield, Tolland, West Hartford and Windsor) were able to field teams in all three age divisions.
In its third season, our U-12 division had 126 players on nine teams. Standings were listed alphabetically and there was no season-ending tournament in an effort to further emphasize the developmental aspect of the division.
The U-14 age division was comprised of 229 participants on 17 teams. Willington (10-0-1) and Simsbury (12-1) won their respective divisions. Enfield defeated Simsbury 3-2 in the U-14 tournament final at Brookside Park in Ellington.
Our U-16 age division expanded to 267 registered players on 18 teams split into three 6-team divisions. Suffield (12-2) won the West, Vernon I (12-1) the Central and the Enfield Fireballs (11-2) headed the North. Vernon I edged Manchester Red 2-0 in an exciting U-16 tournament final at Brookside Park.
The 2008 summer season concluded with the All-Star games on Saturday, August 16th at New State Road Park in Manchester. The U-12 West team came from behind to down their East counterparts by a score of 10-7. The U-14 East blanked the West 8-0 behind strong pitching. In the U-16 nightcap, the North defeated the South by a 9-2 margin.

Final League Standings

Final U-16 Standings

North Division WL GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Enfield Fireballs112-- W28-25-16-19941
2Ellington1131/2 W79-16-25-17154
3Somers863 1/2 W35-55-23-47860
4Tolland675 L35-54-12-66553
5East Windsor3108 L42-83-40-64686
6Enfield Falcons3118 1/2 L11-93-40-74598
Central Division WLGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1VernonI121-- W110-07-05-111416
2South Windsor1221/2 W48-26-16-115331
3Coventry686 1/2 W24-63-43-483121
4Manchester Red4108 1/2 L34-62-52-54464
5Manchester White2109 1/2 L12-82-40-641101
6VernonII21210 1/2 L102-82-60-644144
West Division WLGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1Suffield122-- W29-17-05-28553
2Glastonbury853 1/2 L17-34-24-37872
3Windsor675 1/2 W14-54-32-44358
--Granby675 1/2 W14-63-33-47078
5West Hartford686 W14-63-43-410264
6Canton3108 1/2 L21-81-52-566133

Final U-14 Standings

East Division WL TGB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1Willington1001-- W710-0-16-04-0-19628
2East Hartford9402 1/2 W29-46-03-47641
3South Windsor7504 L27-53-34-28686
--Tolland7504 W17-55-22-35956
5Vernon5515 W15-5-13-1-12-47846
6Ellington5806 1/2 L15-82-43-44985
--Glastonbury5806 1/2 L15-83-32-597125
8Ashford4907 1/2 L14-92-52-455101
9Somers31109 L33-112-51-65584
West DivisionW LTGBSTR DivHomeAwayRS RA
1Simsbury1210-- W1012-17-05-110437
2Enfield8202 1/2 W68-24-04-26421
3Canton8504 W18-55-23-38657
4West HartfordI5807 L35-83-42-410090
--Windsor5807 L15-81-54-38693
--Granby5807 L25-83-42-46178
7Suffield4807 1/2 W14-83-31-558103
8West HartfordII31009 W23-101-42-661143

Final U-12 Standings

Team WL TSTR HomeAway RSRA
--Canton390 L21-52-482127
--Coventry1010 L14-06-110232
--Enfield590 L11-54-4111126
--Granby1010 W95-05-111158
--Manchester0110 L110-60-556144
--Suffield820 W43-25-010350
--Tolland460 L34-10-57880
--West Hartford2100 L11-61-485175
--Windsor1030 W37-03-313167

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2008 U-14 East Division M.V.P., elected by the East Division coaches, was Maggie Kryznel, Willington (left). Congratulations to the other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches - Colleen Ecsedy (Ashford), Megan Kennedy (East Hartford), Cassidy Longo (Glastonbury), Aubrie Mazur (South Windsor), Jessica Olson (Tolland), Sami Urbon (Somers) and Mackenzie Whiting (Ellington).

The 2008 U-14 West Division M.V.P., chosen by the West Division coaches, was Becky Hoisl, West Hartford (right). Congratulations to the other West Division nominees - Kelsey Ballard (Windsor), Cari Conley (Enfield), Anna Glassman (Granby), Brittany King (Canton), Megan Maliga (Suffield) and Carly Williams (Simsbury).

The 2008 U-16 North Division M.V.P., selected by the North Division coaches, was Sarah Pliszka, Enfield Fireballs (left). The other North Division nominees, honored by their teammates and coaches, were Jen Arnone (Enfield Falcons), Becky Barry (Somers), Alex D'Aloisio (Tolland), Morgan McPartland (Ellington) and Kelsey Mocadlo (East Windsor).

The 2008 U-16 Central Division M.V.P., elected by the Central Division coaches, was Kelly Cocco, VernonI (right). Congratulations to the other nominees - Allyson Fournier (South Windsor), Shannon Klock (Manchester Red), Lindsay LaChance (Coventry), Shantoy Miller (VernonII) and Allie Vitkus (Manchester White).

The 2008 U-16 West Division M.V.P., chosen by the West Division coaches, was Angie Moskwa, Suffield (left). The other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches were Nicole Batan (Canton), Shauna Greene (Windsor), Sara Hammick (Granby), Amanda Longley (Glastonbury) and Mallory Martucci (West Hartford).

* * Players of the Week * *

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '08 * * *

The league's 2008 summer season featured a record 64 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League a continued and growing success. NCGSL would not be possible without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

Canton: Nicole Batan (upper left), Deanna DeSanti, Melissa Parente, Jessica Schroeder and Cameron Sheldon.
Coventry: Susan Blake, Brittany Fowler, Lindsay LaChance (upper right) and Amanda Landry.
East Windsor: Lindsay Mulnite and Ginger Starvish.
Ellington: Taylor Brown (mid left), Courtney Carver, Jocelyn Close, Kelly McPartland and Jennifer Spartz.

Enfield: Cara Angeloni, Courtney Cannella (mid right), Morgan Caswell, Nicole Delano, Natalie Kyparidis, Lauren Little, Shawna Lothian, Amanda Meunier, Sarah Pliszka, Ashley Poggie, Christine Scanlon and Jennifer Serafin.
Glastonbury: Jackie Barnicle, Laura Bishop, Christine Dalton, Amanda Longley, Michelle Nogas, Lindsey Rader and Alaina Umbach.
Manchester: Ariel Diaz, Anna DiGregorio, Michelle Graboski, Lindsey Johnson, Danielle Leone (lower left), Kristiann Nieves, Anna Piggott and Ansherina Umali.

Somers: Liz Mashiak.
South Windsor: Stephanie Belanger.
Suffield: Kylie Gifford, Lauren Mercik and Colleen Moroney.
Vernon: Jessica Bonneville, Kelly Cocco, Elaina Donofrio, Lauren Morency, Jessica Philbrick, Erin Skoly, Jamie Vallarelli and Aimee Yost.
West Hartford: Jenna Allen, Kelsey Corrigan, Maureen Martucci (lower right), Catherine Montagino and Chelsie Velez.
Windsor: Emma Dulz, Melissa Marris and Nina Varney.

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