The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


For 2009, NCGSL's 12th summer season, the league decreased in size slightly to 40 total teams, down from 44 in 2008. Registered players numbered 587, with 228 being first-time participants. Of the 19 active member towns, six (Coventry, Enfield, Glastonbury, Granby, South Windsor and West Hartford) fielded teams in all three age divisions.
In its fourth season, the U-12 division grew to eleven teams (up from nine in 2008) with 164 participants. WindsorI (11-0) won the regular season championship and Granby defeated South Windsor 11-1 to capture the U-12 league tournament at Sterling Field, West Hartford.
The U-14 age division had 246 players on sixteen teams. Willington (8-2) and Simsbury (11-2) repeated as division winners. Vernon bested West Hartford 9-5 to win the U-14 league tournament at Brookside Park in Ellington.
The U-16 age division decreased in size to thirteen teams (from 18 in 2008) with 177 registered players. Vernon (9-2) captured the East division and Simsbury (12-0) won the West. Simsbury followed with an exciting 4-1 victory over Tolland in the U-16 league tournament final, also at Brookside Park.
The 2009 summer season ended with the league All-Star games on Saturday, August 15th at New State Road Park in Manchester. The U-12 National team came from behind to beat their American counterparts by a 10-4 score. The U-14 National squad bested the Americans 7-5 and, in the nightcap of the tripleheader, the U-16 West team defeated the East by a score of 9-2.
The U-14 Fall League, with games played at Charter Oak Park in Manchester and Welch Park in Windsor, fielded ten teams. The season ran eight weeks in September and October. An additional 28 players registered for the fall season, giving NCGSL a grand total of 615 registrants for 2009 and maintaining the league's status as the largest girls' fastpitch league in Connecticut.


Final U-16 Standings

East Division WL T GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Vernon920--- L29-26-03-27241
2Tolland8502 W18-43-45-15840
3Enfield6503 L16-43-23-34032
4Somers6613 1/2 W36-5-13-3-13-35658
5Coventry5805 L15-72-43-46972
--Ashford4715 L14-6-12-32-4-14057
7Ellington21108 L31-112-50-645108
West Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1Simsbury1200--- W1210-06-06-08713
2Manchester8605 L18-65-23-47362
--South Windsor8605 W37-66-22-47658
4West Hartford7706 W36-75-22-56860
5Glastonbury5707 L35-64-21-54364
6Granby111011 L31-101-40-72688

Final U-14 Standings

American Division WL TGB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1Simsbury1120--- W211-25-26-011139
2West Hartford11301/2 L111-36-15-213850
3Windsor9502 1/2 L29-54-25-38579
4Canton7503 1/2 W17-55-12-49267
5Granby5816 W25-8-13-32-5-16171
--Enfield4716 W34-7-12-3-12-45765
7Suffield5906 1/2 L65-93-42-56767
8East Windsor013011 L130-130-60-725198
National Division WLTGBSTR DivHomeAwayRS RA
1Willington820--- W78-24-14-18918
2Vernon9401/2 L19-46-23-29733
3Somers9501 W69-56-13-47549
--Glastonbury9501 W49-55-34-25675
5Coventry6502 1/2 W26-53-33-25751
6South Windsor4805 W14-82-22-66660
--East Hartford3705 L53-72-11-63840
8Tolland01209 L120-120-60-626178

Final U-12 Standings

1WindsorI1100 ---W115-06-010526
2Manchester1010 1L16-14-011233
3South Windsor520 4W43-12-13927
--West Hartford740 4W23-24-27562
5Suffield640 4 1/2L14-12-37862
6Granby540 5W13-22-27343
7Enfield550 5 1/2W12-23-38967
8Glastonbury380 8W11-52-37788
9WindsorII180 9L50-41-446132
10Coventry191 9 1/2L60-61-3-146109
11Canton1101 10L91-4-10-61778

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2009 U-14 American Division M.V.P., elected by the American Division coaches, was Becky Hoisl, West Hartford (right). Congratulations to the other American Division nominees honored by their teammates and coaches: Anna Boucher (Suffield), Christina Cardwell (Canton), Molly Parker (Windsor), Allison Rodrigue (East Windsor), Melissa Urbon (Enfield), Erin Walsh (Granby) and Laura Yablecki (Simsbury).

The 2009 U-14 National Division M.V.P., chosen by the National Division coaches, was Josie Borysevicz, Willington (left). Congratulations to the other nominees in the National Division: Allie Dubanoski (Somers), Delaney Kehoe (Glastonbury), Megan Kennedy (East Hartford), Kaitlyn Lajoie (Vernon), Kierra Laramie (Tolland), Katie Strong (South Windsor) and Eileen Zadrozny (Coventry).

The 2009 U-16 East Division Co-M.V.P.s, selected by the U-16 East Division coaches, were Jillian Eitelman, Vernon (upper right) and Charlotte Kelleher, Ashford (lower right). Congratulations to the other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches: Cari Conley (Enfield), Meghan Ciccarelli (Tolland), Shelby LaDue (Somers), Emma Polinski (Coventry) and Mackenzie Whiting (Ellington).

The 2009 U-16 West Division M.V.P., elected by the West Division coaches, was Shannon Martin, South Windsor (left). Congratulations to the other West Division nominees: Nicole Deskus (Glastonbury), Annie Graikoski (Simsbury), Katie Kelleher (Granby), Mallory Martucci (West Hartford) and Allie Vitkus (Manchester).

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '09 * * *

The league's 2009 summer season featured 52 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League a continued and growing success. NCGSL would not be possible without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

Coventry: Kaitlin Morton, Victoria Rametta, Caitlin Rauchle and Anna Maria Vromans (upper left).
Ellington: Christina DiStefano, Grace Durgan (upper right) and Kailyn Lundeberg.
Enfield: Jennifer Arnone, Lindsey DeFord, Ashley Reid and Katie Schienda.
Glastonbury: Nicole Deskus and Nikki Phillips.

Granby: Sienna Bober, Janelle Cummings, Nadine Foster (mid left), Chloe Frechette, Bethany Grupp, Katie Kelleher, Addie Koehler, Angela Petrunti and Kelsey Walsh.
Manchester: Erin Butler, Elise Dooley, Emily Koehler, Lauren Mazzoni, Hazel Sousa and Allie Vitkus.
Simsbury: Olivia Egan.
Somers: Rebecca Barry (mid right), Jessica Conlon, Shelby LaDue, Elizabeth Lavallee and Camille Thomas.

South Windsor: Anna Cerra, Chelsea Hebert, Erin O'Brien, Stephanie Rahm, Michelle Scanlon (lower left), Tori Thomson, Ashley Tremonte and Kiley Wood.
Tolland: Meghan Ciccarelli (lower right) and Mindy Sharon.
Vernon: Allison Burg, Jillian Eitelman and Emily Jablonecki.
West Hartford: Valerie Beyer, Carrie Corrigan, Jillian Lohneiss, Zoe Mendal and Marisa Taddei.

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