The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


In 2010, NCGSL's 13th summer season, the league again decreased in size to 31 teams, down from 40 in 2009. There were 462 registered players, with 162 being first-time participants. Of the 17 active member towns, four (Enfield, Glastonbury, West Hartford and Windsor) fielded teams in all three age divisions.
In its fifth season, the U-12 division had seven teams (down from eleven in 2009) with 119 participants. Enfield, with an 11-0 record, finished first in the regular season and defeated Windsor 7-6 in 7 innings to capture the U-12 league tournament at Sterling Field, West Hartford.
The U-14 age division had 206 players on fourteen teams. Simsbury (11-1), East Hartford (10-1-1) and Coventry (11-1) won their respective divisions. Coventry edged Simsbury by a score of 3-2 to win the U-14 tournament at Brookside Park in Ellington.
The U-16 age division again decreased in size to ten teams (from 13 in 2009) with 137 registered players. Enfield (9-4) captured the East Division and West Hartford (10-3) won the West. West Hartford continued with a convincing 13-5 victory over South Windsor in the U-16 tournament final, also at Brookside Park.
The 2010 summer season concluded with the league All-Star games on Saturday, August 14th at New State Road Park in Manchester. The U-12 West team beat their East counterparts by a 4-3 score. The U-14 East squad edged the West 2-1 in a well played defensive game and, in the finale under the lights, the U-16 East team defeated the West by a score of 7-5.
The U-14 Fall League, with games played at Welch Park in Windsor and Charter Oak Park in Manchester again field ten teams. The season ran eight weeks in September and October. An additional 38 players registered for the fall season, giving NCGSL a grand total of 500 players for 2010 and maintaining the league's status as the largest girls' fastpitch league in Connecticut.


Final U-16 Team Standings

East Division WL T GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1Enfield940-- W15-35-24-26022
2Glastonbury8411/2 W45-36-02-4-17452
3Ashford6703 L24-44-32-44538
-Vernon6703 W13-52-44-34853
5Somers4905 L32-62-52-44974
West Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1West Hartford1030-- L15-35-15-210835
2Windsor7512 1/2 W25-32-3-15-25457
3Granby5805 W15-32-53-34881
4Canton4906 L33-50-74-25690
-South Windsor4906 W22-63-31-65191

Final U-14 Team Standings

West Division WL TGB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1Simsbury1110-- W117-15-16-011423
2West Hartford8403 L15-35-13-38629
3Suffield7504 W24-43-34-26056
4Windsor6514 1/2 L14-43-2-13-38261
5Canton11019 1/2 L60-81-50-5-155106
North Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1East Hartford1011 --L16-06-04-1-1116 19
2South Windsor660 4 1/2W33-34-22-484 55
-Enfield660 4 1/2W22-44-22-459 73
4Somers390 7 1/2L31-52-41-540 99
South Division WLTGBSTR DivHomeAwayRS RA
1Coventry1110-- W88-06-05-112513
2Manchester Red6514 1/2 W16-23-2-13-37788
3Glastonbury5706 W24-43-32-46174
4Hebron111010 L41-70-61-544149
-Manchester United111010 L111-70-61-539168

Final U-12 Team Standings

1Enfield1100 --W116-05-010644
2West Hartford840 3 1/2L14-24-210144
3Granby740 4L14-23-211070
4Windsor750 4 1/2W13-33-110859
5Coventry561 6L13-32-3-193113
6Glastonbury2100 9 1/2W11-51-583156
7Hebron0111 11L30-3-10-879195

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2010 U-12 M.V.P., elected by the U-12 coaches, was Hannah Vignone, Coventry. Congratulations to the other nominees, honored by their teammates and coaches: Lucia Barresi (Windsor), Rebecca Hadfield (Glastonbury), Jaimee Kidd (Granby), Mykenzie Lanagan (Hebron), Lisa Lusardi (Enfield) and Elena Pevar (West Hartford).

The 2010 U-14 North Division M.V.P., elected by the North Division coaches, was Olivia Gonzalez, East Hartford (right). Congratulations to the other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches: Olivia Baillargeon (Enfield), Taylor Mulcahy (South Windsor) and Kylen O'Hearn (Somers).

The 2010 U-14 South Division M.V.P., elected by the South Division coaches, was Eileen Zadrozny, Coventry (left). Congratulations to the other South Division nominees: Lauren Bis (Manchester United), Marissa Caron (Hebron), Taylor MacDowell (Glastonbury) and Lauren Yaffa (Manchester Red).

The 2010 U-14 West Divsion M.V.P., selected by the West Division coaches, was Sarah Allen, West Hartford (right). Congratulations to the other West Division nominees: Anna Boucher (Suffield), Gillian Flynn (Windsor), Morgan Scafuri (Canton) and Laura Yablecki (Simsbury).

The 2010 U-16 East Division M.V.P., chosen by the East Division coaches, was Cari Conley, Enfield (left). Congratulations to the other nominees honored by their teammates and coaches: Allie Dubanoski (Somers), Lindsey Musco (Glastonbury), Alison Newhall (Vernon) and Sarah Rup (Ashford).

The 2010 U-16 West Division M.V.P., selected by the West Division coaches, was Daniele Stevens, West Hartford (right). Congratulations to the other nominees: Kelsey Ballard (Windsor), Christina Cardwell (Canton), Maddy Silverman (South Windsor) and Gabrielle Stahl (Granby).

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '10 * * *

The league's 2010 summer season featured 35 players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League a continued success. NCGSL would not be possible without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

Ashford: Colleen Ecsedy (upper left), Kylie Hill, Morgan Ridzon and Alyssa Varrieur.
Canton: Kiersten Kronschnabel (upper right).
Coventry: Josephine LoRicco.
Enfield: Cari Conley (mid left), Cori Delorge, Kaitlyn Krogmann, Katie Levasseur, Nicole Meunier, Sara Moynihan, Rebecca Scanlon and Jaimie Wonderlie.

Glastonbury: Lauren DiMarco, Hayley Howard and Emily Mulready.
Granby: Sara Hammick and Kaitlyn Tibbetts.
Somers: Aubrey Brink and Kayla Stetson (mid right).
South Windsor: Aubrie Mazur.

Vernon: Ashley Barselau (lower left), Taylor Kurowski and Hilary Moody.
West Hartford: Caelese Brown, Jackie Carter, Courtney Daley (lower right), Jessica Dufault, Mallory Martucci, Melissa Martucci, Hannah Moller, Alison Stevens and Daniele Stevens.
Windsor: Kelsey Ballard.

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