The Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League


In 2011, NCGSL's 14th summer season, the league increased in size to 36 teams, up from 31 in 2010, primarily due to the U-12 age division. The summer league totaled 492 registered players, with 179 being new to NCGSL. Of the 17 active member towns, seven (Enfield, Glastonbury, Granby, Hebron, South Windsor, West Hartford and Windsor) were able to enter teams in all three age divisions. Although most of the league's regular season games were able to be played, the weather reeked havoc with the season-ending tournaments and All-Star games.
In its sixth season, the U-12 division had eleven teams, up from seven in 2010, with 162 participants. With an 11-0 record, West Hartford finished first in the regular season, then won a rain-shortened tournament at Sterling Field, West Hartford. Granby captured the runner-up position.
The U-14 age division had 158 players on eleven teams. Enfield (8-3) and Windsor I (9-2) won their respective divisions. South Windsor won the league tournament, played at Brookside Park in Ellington, that was decided by Saturday's pool play when inclement weather forced cancellation of Sunday's single elimination program. Enfield was awarded second place.
The U-16 age division increased to fourteen teams, up from just ten in 2010, and had 172 players. South Windsor (9-1) won the East Division and Simsbury (10-2) led the West Division. South Windsor continued on to capture a rain-abbreviated U-16 tournament, also at Brookside Park, with Windsor as runner-up.
Scheduled for Saturday, August 27th at New State Road Park in Manchester, the 2010 All-Star game were cancelled due to the approaching Hurricane Irene.
The U-14 Fall League fielded eight teams and again played their games at Charter Oak Park in Manchester and Welch Park in Windsor. The season ran eight weeks in September and October, with teams each playing two games on Saturday mornings. An additional 33 players registered for the fall season, giving the league a grand total of 525 players for 2011.


Final U-16 Team Standings

East Division WL T GBSTR DivHome AwayRS RA
1South Windsor910-- W79-15-04-17918
2Enfield8402 W18-45-23-28457
3Glastonbury8502 1/2 L28-45-13-48572
4Ashford7503 W27-43-24-36472
5Hebron4816 W14-7-12-4-12-47793
6Manchester2716 1/2 L22-6-11-41-3-15576
7Stafford012010 L120-110-60-635131
West Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1Simsbury1020-- L19-25-05-27323
2West Hartford10301/2L19-35-15-211645
-Windsor10301/2 W59-36-14-28350
4East Hartford7603 1/2 W26-63-44-210874
5Canton4806 L14-83-31-55071
6Granby2907 1/2 L12-82-40-542104
7Suffield21008 L61-101-51-542107

Final U-14 Team Standings

East Division WL TGB STRDiv HomeAway RSRA
1Enfield830-- W36-24-24-18353
2South Windsor6401 1/2 W15-24-12-36142
3Hebron6502 L15-34-12-47779
4Ellington5603 L33-53-42-28585
5Glastonbury01007 1/2 L100-70-50-558130
West Division WLTGB STRDivHomeAway RSRA
1Windsor I920-- W17-14-15-111961
2Canton7311 1/2 W24-3-14-13-2-111299
-West Hartford7301 1/2 W16-33-14-210169
4Windsor II5604 W24-53-32-37683
5Granby4614 1/2 L14-4-11-4-13-294111
6Simsbury11008 L60-81-40-668124

Final U-12 Team Standings

1West Hartford1000-- W105-05-012257
2Glastonbury7202 1/2 W74-13-110364
3Granby7303 L13-24-19258
4Windsor6303 1/2 W21-35-08031
-South Windsor6303 1/2 L23-13-29351
6East Hartford5505 W23-22-377109
-Coventry5505 W13-22-39597
8Enfield3707 W21-52-2102125
9Somers2808 L61-41-465130
-Hebron2808 L21-41-479105
11Suffield0909 1/2 L90-40-549130

* * Most Valuable Player Awards * *

The 2011 U-12 M.V.P., elected by the U-12 coaches, was Devon Ide, Granby (left). Congratulations to the other nominees, honored by their teammates and coaches: Cyndi Adamcewicz (East Hartford), Ronnie Callahan (South Windsor), Blythe Fleming (Coventry), Elizabeth Grosso (Suffield), Madison Lee (Windsor), Charlotte Leyland (West Hartford), Caitlyn Lovejoy (Hebron), Jessie Rodden (Glastonbury), Tori Rugani (Enfield) and Natalia Villareal (Somers).

The 2011 U-14 East Division M.V.P., chosen by the East Division coaches, was Lauren Crouse, Glastonbury (right). Congratulations to the other East Division nominees: Marissa Caron (Hebron), Lisa Lusardi (Enfield), Sarah Riley (Ellington) and Peyton Silverman (South Windsor).

The 2011 U-14 West Division Co-M.V.P.s, selected by the West Division coaches, were Emily Parker, Windsor I and Olivia Sullivan, Canton (left). Congratulations to the other West Division nominees: Molly Hammack (Granby), Rory Morgan (West Hartford) and Kate Schofield (Windsor II).

The 2011 U-16 East Division M.V.P., elected by the East Division coaches, was Melissa Urbon, Enfield (right). Congratulations to the other nominees: Brittney Clark (Glastonbury), Jaime Harvey (Hebron), Samantha Ridzon (Ashford), Karen Shirk (Stafford) and Taylor Skinner (South Windsor).

The 2011 U-16 West Divsion M.V.P., chosen by the West Division coaches, was Taryn Braz, Simsbury (left). Congratulations to the other West Division nominees: Alisha Collazo (Windsor), Olivia Gonzalez (East Hartford), Brittany King (Canton), Charlotte Moller (West Hartford), Laura Somerville (Suffield) and Erin Walsh (Granby).

* * * N.C.G.S.L. Class of '11 * * *

The league's 2011 summer season featured sixty players participating in their final year of ASA U-16 eligibility. The league directors and coaches would like to recognize those players and their families and express their gratitude for making the Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League a continued success. NCGSL would not be possible without your loyal support and enthusiastic participation.

Ashford: Ariel Cordero, Brianna Cordero, Rebecca Kent, Allyson Nolan, Emma Perugini and Sarah Rup.
Bolton: Jaime Harvey.
Canton: Olivia Bonini, Christina Cardwell (upper left), Brittany King, Marina MacDonald, Rose Minichiello, Elizabeth Mutch and Katherine Winsor.
East Hartford: Sierra Gonzalez and Megan Kennedy.
Ellington: Audrey Ames.

Enfield: Alyssa Barone, Dallas Fonck, Samantha Hellyer, Kathryn Sirois, Melissa Urbon and Samantha Wilder.
Glastonbury: Brittney Clark, Mary Howard, Cassidy Longo, Ashley Maher and Dana Meixell (upper right).
Granby: Samantha Arnone (mid right), Jolene Bascom, Austin Lynn Ebersole and Meaghan Schultheis.
Marlborough: Kendra Dootson and Marissa Navin.
Simsbury: Madeleine Gauthier and Alie Garry (lower right).

South Windsor: Hayley Moquin, Kelly Sivo, Kierstan Skinner, Taylor Skinner and Katie Strong.
Stafford: Bryanne Auguste, Alexis Clavette and Karen Shirk.
Vernon: Kristin Campolongo, Kayla Terry-Wemmell and Dylan Piacenta.
West Hartford: Caroline Karanian, Jennifer Lohneiss (lower left), Noelle Ouellette and Alyssa Rossmeisl.
Windsor: Courtney Blanchard, Jessica Coffey, Mary Deneen, Catherine Dunlavey, Mikayla Hudson, Allison Mendola (mid left), Molly Parker, Katie Tanguay and Kristen Young.

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