Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League

** 2007 U-12 League Tournament **

Sterling Field, West Hartford

The 2007 NCGSL U-12 league tournament was held on Saturday and Sunday, July 28-29th at Sterling Field in West Hartford. Pool play on Saturday determined seeding for Sunday's single-elimination bracket. Teams played other teams in their group for a total of three Saturday games each. The team groups, designated as Group A (1-3-5-7-9)(Tolland, Granby, Ellington, Glastonbury, Canton) and Group B (2-4-6-8-10) (Willington, Suffield, Windsor, West Hartford, Enfield) were determined by the final league standings. For Saturday pool play, games were 80 minutes in length, with home team determined by coin toss. A mercy rule of 10 runs after 5 innings was in effect. Tie games counted as ties.

Results of Saturday's Games

#1 - Tolland (3-0) (2 runs allowed).
#2 - Willington (3-0) (7 runs allowed).
#3 - Granby (3-0) (10 runs allowed).
#4 - West Hartford (2-1) (23 runs allowed).
#5 - Windsor (1-1-1) (22 runs allowed).
#6 - Suffield (1-1-1) (26 runs allowed).
#7 - Ellington (1-2) (15 runs allowed).
#8 - Glastonbury (1-2) (21 runs allowed).
#9 - *Canton (0-3) (25 runs allowed).
#10 - *Enfield (0-3) (33 runs allowed).
*For teams that played 4 Saturday games, their game where the most runs were allowed was dropped from their total.

Sunday's Schedule - Single Elimination
Teams were seeded for Sunday according to their record on Saturday. First tiebreaker was fewest runs allowed per game, then most runs scored per game. Sunday games were 90 minutes long, except the final, and higher seed was home team. International tie breaker was used if the game was tied after 6 innings or 90 minutes. The mercy rule of 10 runs after 5 innings remained in effect.


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