Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2003 U-14 Tournament Championship Game

Manchester Blue 8, Enfield 6

Sunday, August 3rd

Ann Rosenstreich bats for Manchester Blue in the tournament final.

Enfield's Megan Kradas swings through a Katie Viara pitch.

Melanie Berman hits for Manchester Blue.

Enfield's Crystal Hayes looks at a high pitch.

Christina Sheehan fouls off a Viara pitch.

Emma Scanlon at the plate for Manchester Blue.

Enfield's Barbara Kaplan gets an assist late in the game.

Jess Crank puts the ball in play with a teammate on third base.

Manchester Blue players celebrate after the final out is recorded.

** Congratulations Enfield - 2003 U-14 Tournament Runners-up **

2003 U-14 Tournament Winners

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