Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2005 U-14 Tournament Championship Game

East Hartford 4, Enfield 3

Tuesday, August 16th

Orange was in abundance at the U-14 tournament final.

Enfield's Courtney Cannella pitches to Abby Rodriguez.

Jen Serafin puts the ball in play for Enfield.

Joycelyn Gionfriddo lines out to an Enfield infielder.

East Hartford's Lisa Donato delivers to Tori Benoit.

Lisa Donato held the Enfield offense in check during the early going.

Courtney Cannella pitches to Ashley Appel.

Lisa Donato sends one into the Enfield outfield.

Sara D'Attilio drives in Brittany Brashier to put East Hartford
ahead 2-1 in the bottom of the third inning.

Lisa Donato delivers to Enfield's Natalie Kyparidis.

Joycelyn Gionfriddo bats with Brittany Brashier poised to score.

Enfield's Tori Benoit squares to bunt against reliever Katie Coiteux.

** Congratulations Enfield - 2005 U-14 Tournament Runners-up **

2005 U-14 Tournament Winners

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