Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2004 U-14 Tournament Photos /B

Katie Mainelli bats for West Hartford I against Enfield.

West Hartford I's Jennifer Matthews takes second base
as the throw to Lindsey Deford is off the mark.

Sam Cieri pitches for Suffield against Manchester Blue.

Maura Bergan catches for Katie Viara in Blue's 6-5 win over Suffield.

Kacey Oswell pitches for Somers with Mandy Stanton defending second base.

Manchester Red's Kelly Gentilcore avoids a low inside pitch
from Kacey Oswell with Monica Palmer behind the plate.

Courtney Novak pitches in Manchester Red's 16-3 victory over Somers.

Somers' Jill Turgeon makes contact with a Courtney Novak offering.

Katie Viara pitches to Taylor Brown
in Manchester Blue's 5-1 semi-final win over Ellingon.

Nicole Sapienza makes contact for Manchester Blue against Ellington.

Lindsay Gondek pitches for Ellington
in the semi-final against Manchester Blue.

Danielle Leone pitched well in Manchester Red's 9-7 loss
to West Hartford I in the semis.

Maureen Martucci hits for West Hartford I
with Nicole Malenfant on 3rd base.

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