Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2006 U-14 Tournament / Sunday Morning Games

Fran Klimczak pitched Canton past Windsor by a score of 7-6.

Klimczak covers the plate as Windsor's Adrienne Edwards scores on a passed ball.

Nina Varney pitched well but Windsor is eliminated by Canton.

Melissa Cahill scores for Canton on a passed ball as Nina Varney covers.

Jenna Allen singles for West Hartford I in their 10-2 win over Glastonbury.

Amanda Longley pitched a good game but absorbed the loss for Glastonbury.

Mallory Martucci steals second as Glastonbury's Jackie Barnicle covers.

Amanda Bogue singles for Glastonbury against West Hartford I's Laura Mainelli.

Ellington's Emily Fillion singles in the 6-3 win over Granby.

Leslie Perkins singles for Granby against Ellington.

Morgan Caswell pitches for Enfield as Hebron is eliminated 14-1.

Hebron's Lea Underwood sends one out to the Enfield outfield.

Kelly Gentilcore's 2-run single was a key hit in Manchester's 8-3 win over Coventry.

Brittany Fowler (1B) and Brittney Pietro (2B) defend the right side of the Coventry infield.

Caitlin Rauchle pitched well but Coventry is eliminated by Manchester.

JoJo Meunier pitches for Somers to South Windsor's Susan Morton.

Sara Fulton (3B) and Ariel Hovland (SS) played well defensively in South's 3-2 win over Somers.

Ariel Hovland lays down a sacrifice bunt against Somers.

Somers' Taylor Geas displays good form at the plate versus South Windsor.

Nadia Khaimova pitches for West Hartford II against Suffield.

Maggie Reeves (3B) and Colleen Moroney (SS) defend for Suffield in their 11-2 win over West Hartford II.

Kim Orzech bats for West Hartford II with Kahlia Bentham-Reddick on third base.

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