Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2009 U-14 Tournament / Saturday Morning Games

Lindsey Musco pitches for Glastonbury against Windsor Saturday morning.

Windsor's Catherine Dunlavey attempts a bunt against Glastonbury.

Macy Fenlason earned the win as Windsor edged Glastonbury 7-6 Saturday morning.

Team MVP Laura Yablecki drives in a run in Simsbury's 7-4 over South Windsor.

Maddy Silverman pitched well for South Windsor against Simsbury.

Dallas Fonck pitches for Enfield against Vernon.

Jessica Voros bats for Coventry against East Hartford's Olivia Gonzalez.

Kierra Laramie makes contact for Tolland against Granby.

West Hartford's Cassidy Grinsell singles in their 7-0 win against East Hartford.

Haley Provost bats for Tolland against Vernon's Sarah Carpenter.

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