Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2002 U-16 Season

Ellington 7, Vernon 6 (8 innings)

Monday, July 1st

Ellington's Karissa Parker takes a healthy swing at a Kellie Nelson pitch.

Rebecca Mattern had a pair of hits for Vernon.

Stephanie Wrona at the plate for Ellington.

Vernon's Kellie Nelson pitches with Ashley O'Brien in scoring position.

Ashley Gioia looks at a low pitch from Kellie Nelson.

Erin Diette at bat for Vernon with Kerry Stoecker catching.

Ellington's Jen Whitehead slides past Kellie Nelson to tie the game in the 7th inning.

Sherri Gandini bats for Vernon.

Allyson Pitney singles to lead off the Ellington 8th and later scores the deciding run.

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