Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2007 U-16 Tournament Championship Game

East Hartford 2, Suffield 0

Sunday, August 12th

East Hartford's Amanda Kennedy swings through an Angie Moskwa pitch.

Suffield's Angie Moskwa pitched well but took the 2-0 loss in the tournament final.

Barbara Kaplan makes contact against Heather Trinks.

Suffield catcher Emily Droney applies the tag on Marchary Davis on a ground ball
by Joycelyn Gionfriddo to end an East Hartford scoring threat.

Heather Trinks singles for East Hartford in the third inning.

Heather Trinks delivers to Suffield's Lauren Mercik.

Lisa Donato fouls off a pitch from Angie Moskwa.

Amanda Kennedy defends for East Hartford with Julie Muscarella on first base.

Amber Nadeau squares to bunt against Heather Trinks.

Barbara Kaplan (SS) and Taylor Bartini (3B) defend the left side of the Suffield infield.

Sam Cieri launches the ball into the East Hartford outfield.

Kalleigh Peterson defends for Suffield with Ashley Appel at first base.

Sarah D'Attilio's RBI-single in the 7th inning scored Jenna Allison.

Jenna Allison scores on a single by Sarah D'Attilio to put East Hartford ahead 2-0.

Marchary Davis fouls off a pitch from Angie Moskwa.

East Hartford players savor victory after the last out is recorded.

Assisted by league president Jack Miller, Suffield head coach Dominick Cieri
recognizes his players with the tournament runner-up awards.

East Hartford coaches Tony Foran and Amanda Ward reward their players
with the tournament championship trophies.

* * Congratulations Suffield - 2007 U-16 Tournament Runners-up * *


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