Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2002 U-16 Tournament Pictures

Pool Games

Saturday, August 10th

Samantha Morris pitches Bolton to a 16-3 win over Somers.

Somers' Sarah Hills pitches to Bolton with Mary McKinnon defending third base.

Bolton's Ryanne Niederwerfer hits a 2-run single versus Somers.

Somers' Tiffany Doane plays in with Colleen Murphy on first base.

Allison Czaja singles Becky Kinney home from third for a Bolton run.

Jessica Swetcky pitches for Bloomfield versus Simsbury.

Kristina Gordon pitches Simsbury to a 14-4 win over Bloomfield.

Bianca Haughton (2B) and Rebecca Small (1B) defend the right side of the Bloomfield infield.

Elizabeth Edwards pitches for Windsor.

Jill Mangan at bat in Hebron's 7-3 win over Windsor.

Erin Stoecker leads off the Ellington first inning with a homerun versus Stafford.

Marcie Boldi pitches for Stafford.

Ashley Gioia drives in Allyson Pitney in Ellington's 7-6 win over Stafford.

Danielle Lappen poised to score for Stafford versus Ellington.

Kerry Stoecker singles for Ellington.

Somers' Melissa Vamvilis defends second base as Abby Johnson looks to the West Hartford hitter.

Alysa Craig bats for Somers against West Hartford.

West Hartford's Michele Ribeiro flies out with Kelly McCormick on deck.

South's Nettie Marciano singles against West Hartford's Abby Johnson.

Christine Lemieux pitches for South Windsor against West Hartford.

South Windsor's Jen Wallace singles versus West Hartford.

Vernon's Sherri Gandini fouls one back versus Hebron.

Brittany Christensen bats for Hebron against Vernon.

Mary Gordon pitches Vernon to a 6-1 win over Hebron.

Erin Diette and Melissa Rebai defend for Vernon with Hebron's Kara Pinto on first base.

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