Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2007 U-16 Tournament / Saturday Afternoon Games

Emily Armstrong pitches for South Windsor in the 6-4 loss to East Windsor.

East Windsor's Kelly Lemay fouls off a bunt attempt versus South Windsor.

Jessica Szymanski pitched East Windsor past South Windsor on Saturday afternoon.

Enfield Falcons' Nicole Delano retires Fireballs' Morgan Caswell at second base.

Fireballs' Courtney Cannella pitched well but took the loss to the crosstown rival Falcons.

Enfield Falcons' Kara Follo heads to second base as Bonnie Zimmer bats.

Danielle Leone pitches to Ashleigh Williams in Manchester Red's 6-0 win over Ellington.

Courtney Horvath pitches for Ellington against Manchester Red.

West Hartford's Jenna Allen displays great form as she hits against Granby.

Katie Jones earned the win in Granby's 6-4 decision versus West Hartford.

Abby Rodriguez bats for East Hartford in the 7-6 win over Somers.

Kacey Oswell pitches for Somers against East Hartford.

Sarah Sapia singles for Canton against Manchester White.

Kelly Gentilcore pitched Manchester White past Canton by a score of 3-2.

Erin Selavka singles for Vernon in their 3-2 loss to Simsbury.

Molly Williams (1B) and Kristen Sloan (2B) defend for Simsbury
with Vernon's Mary Falkowski on first base.

Kalleigh Peterson bats against Heather St.Amour in Suffield's 9-0 win over East Windsor.

Jessica Szymanski attempts to lay down a bunt against Suffield's Lauren Mercik.

Alyssa Wolejko pitches to Jen Lattal in South Windsor's 5-2 win over Windsor.

Emily Armstrong faces Windsor's Melissa Nolan on Saturday afternoon.

Deidre Clymer fouls off a pitch from Melissa Nolan.

South Windsor's Alyssa Wolejko at the plate versus Melissa Nolan of Windsor.

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