Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2009 U-16 Tournament / Semi-Final and Final Games

Annie Graikoski pitches to Vernon's Jill Eitelman in the 7-0 win
that put #3 seed Simsbury into the tournament final.

Vernon's Elissa Graf puts the ball in play against Simsbury.

Simsbury's Olivia Egan fouls off a pitch as the game continues through an afternoon rain shower.

Sarah Carpenter works the circle for Vernon with Olivia Egan on second base.

Jess Olson pitches to Danielle Chokas as #4 seed Tolland advances
to the final with a 9-1 decision over top seed Somers.

Somers' Becky Barry singles against Jess Olson.

Somers' JoJo Meunier delivers to Allison Whitlock.

In the tournament final, Jess Olson pitches with Simsbury's Emily Forzono in scoring position.

Jessie Rocha singles to left field for Simsbury.

Alyssa Yavis bats against Simsbury's Annie Graikoski.

Olivia Egan swings through a pitch from Jess Olson.

Winning pitcher Annie Graikoski serves up a pitch to Allison Whitlock.

Mindy Sharon singles to left field for Tolland.

Simsbury's Stephanie Williams grounds out to third baseman Allison Whitlock.

Karen Duhamel hits safely for Tolland.

Allison Whitlock eludes the tag by Simsbury catcher Emily Forzone and scores for Tolland.

Tolland's Sam Olson hits a fly ball to right field.

Tolland's Mindy Sharon pitches in relief to Christina Medico.

Simsbury players and coaches enter the field after the final out
in their 4-1 win over Tolland in the championship game.

* * Congratulations Tolland - 2009 U-16 Tournament Runners-up * *


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