Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League
2010 U-16 Tournament / Saturday Morning Games

Taylor Kurowski pitched Vernon past Canton 7-6 on Saturday morning.

Liz Mutch singles for Canton against Vernon.

Glastonbury team MVP Lindsey Musco delivers to Maggie Sullivan in their 6-0 win over Granby.

Sam Arnone pitched well for Granby against Glastonbury.

Marisa Forti singles for Somers against Ashford.

Taylor Holmes pitches to Ainsley Wilson in Ashford's 3-0 versus Somers.

Team MVP Maddy Silverman earned the win in South Windsor's 5-4 decision over Windsor.

Windsor's Catherine Dunlavey looks to score as Taylor Mulcahy defends for South Windsor.

Windsor team MVP Kelsey Ballard pitched well in a close game with South Windsor.

Colleen Ecsedy earned the 'W' in Ashford's 6-2 win over Glastonbury in Saturday pool play.

Glastonbury's Brittney Clark covers as Emma Perugini attempts a bunt for Ashford.

Dana Meixell delivers to Ashford's Danielle Wrubel.

Alisha Collazo connects to left field in Windsor's 8-0 win against Vernon.

Michelle Correia covers for Vernon as Windsor's Kristen Young scores on a passed ball.

Vernon's Michelle Correia pitched a good game against Windsor.

Kylen O'Hearn belts a single in Somers' 4-3 win over #1 seed West Hartford.

Jessica Dufault pitched for West Hartford in a close game against Somers.

Team MVPs Dani Stevens (West Hartford) and Allie Dubanoski (Somers) in Somers' exciting 4-3 win on Saturday morning.

West Hartford's Melissa Martucci sends one into the Somers outfield.

Katie Levasseur drives in a run in Enfield's 11-7 win over Canton.

Morgan Scafuri pitched a good game for Canton against #2 seed Enfield.

Canton's Haley Gregware squares to bunt against Enfield.

Enfield's East Division MVP Cari Conley pitched the win against Canton.

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