Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League

** 2000 U-16 League Tournament **

The 2000 NCGSL U-16 league tournament (see photos) was held at Field Road Park in Somers on Saturday and Sunday, August 12th and 13th. On Saturday, each team played a 3-game round-robin with the teams in their division. The eight teams were then put back together and arranged #1 thru #8 based on their won-lost records in the round-robin, with the tie-breaker being run differential (total runs scored minus total runs allowed). This order determined the pairings for the 10:00AM Sunday games. The winners of those games advanced to the semi-finals with the championship game to follow.

Saturday, August 12th Results
Block 1 Games (9:00AM):
Suffield 3, Stafford 0.
Enfield 14, Somers 2.
Vernon 12, Ellington 11.
(BYE: Hebron & South Windsor)
Block 2 Games (11:15AM):
Vernon 18, Hebron 14.
South Windsor 8, Ellington 0.
Suffield 6, Enfield 3.
(BYE: Somers & Stafford)
Lunch Break / Contest Results:
Baserunning: 1st Place: Tawny Boulanger, Vernon; 2nd Place: Karyn Deptula, Ellington.
Throwing: 1st Place: Michelle Pac, Somers; 2nd Place: Erica Norcross, Stafford.
Homerun Hitting: 1st Place: Deedee Presser, Suffield; 2nd Place: Amanda Turbide, Enfield.
Block 3 Games (3:15PM):
Suffield 7, Somers 3.
Enfield 14, Stafford 12.
South Windsor 23, Hebron 8.
(BYE: Ellington & Vernon)
Block 4 Games (5:30PM):
Ellington 25, Hebron 8.
Vernon 15, South Windsor 4.
Somers 12, Stafford 6.
(BYE: Enfield & Suffield)

Sunday, August 13th Results
Quarter-Final Games (10:00AM):
Field #1 - #7 Stafford 11-7 over #2 Suffield.
Field #2 - #3 South Windsor 8-2 over #6 Somers.
Field #3 - #4 Enfield 9-8 over #5 Ellington (9 innings).
Field #4 - #1 Vernon 15-9 over #8 Hebron.
Semi-Final Games:
Field #1 - #3 South Windsor 14-5 over #7 Stafford.
Field #2 - #1 Vernon 5-4 over #4 Enfield (10 innings).

Championship Game(see photos)
South Windsor 7, Vernon 5. South Windsor won the championship game by combining great pitching from Jess Oliva, errorless defense led by Amanda Boileau's twelve putouts at first base and clutch hitting in the final two innings. Vernon jumped out to an early 4-1 lead only to see South scratch out two runs in the top of the sixth to close the gap to 4-3. In the top of the 7th inning, South scored four runs to take a 3-run lead on singles by Danielle Spiro, Sparky Beane and Jen Wallace and some great baserunning by Kelli Wallace. Vernon got the tieing run to the plate in the bottom of the 7th, but an exciting diving catch by South centerfielder Kelly Niederwerfer ended the game. Vernon's stars were Shannon Clancy, Sandy Luz and Kellie Nelson.
Coached by Frank Niederwerfer and Marc Oliva, the South Windsor roster also included Nora Belardinelli, Stacy Collins, Diana Gamache, Maureen Gamache, Elizabeth Harrison, Megan Jones, Ashley Killingbeck and Lawren Roulier.

*** Congratulations South Windsor - 2000 NCGSL U-16 Tournament Winners ***

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