Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League

** 2002 U-16 League Tournament **

The 2002 NCGSL U-16 league tournament was held at Field Road Park in Somers Friday, August 9th through Sunday, August 11th. The teams were arranged into three groups (Red, White and Blue) based on the final season standings. During Friday night and Saturday, each team played the other three in their group. The results of these games determined the seedings for the single elimination bracket on Sunday. All games except the tournament final had a 90-minute time limit. Coin toss determined home team in pool games. Higher seed was home team in Sunday games. Pool play games may end in ties. International tie-breaker rules applied in Sunday games.

Red Group
1N : Tolland
2S : Hebron
3W : Windsor
4N : Ellington

White Group
1W : Simsbury
2N : Stafford
3S : South Windsor
4W : Bloomfield

Blue Group
1S : Bolton
2W : West Hartford
3N : Somers
4S : Vernon

Friday Results (6:15PM)
Saturday Results (see photos)
9:00AM Games 10:45AM Games Lunch Break 2:00PM Games 3:45PM Games
** Pool Play - Order of Finish **
1. Simsbury (3-0) (6 runs allowed).
2. Tolland (3-0) (12 runs allowed).
3. Vernon (2-0-1).
4. South Windsor (2-1) (9 runs allowed).
5. West Hartford (2-1) (11 runs allowed).
6. Hebron (2-1) (14 runs allowed).
7. Bolton (1-1-1).
8. Ellington (1-2) (16 runs allowed / 13 runs scored).
9. Stafford (1-2) (16 runs allowed / 12 runs scored).
10. Windsor (0-3) (28 runs allowed / 14 runs scored).
11. Bloomfield (0-3) (28 runs allowed / 4 runs scored).
12. Somers (0-3) (37 runs allowed).
Sunday Results
9:15AM Games 11:00AM Games (Quarter-Finals) 1:00PM Games (Semi-Finals)
3:00PM Game
Championship Game (see photos)
West Hartford 3, Tolland 2. Fifth-seeded West Hartford and #2 seed Tolland squared off in the hot, humid finale to the weekend tournament. Rebecca Fuller started for Tolland and Abby Johnson pitched for West Hartford. Tolland took an early lead until an RBI single by Theo Dworak in the third inning knotted the score. Michele Ribeiro doubled down the left field line in the sixth inning and scored what proved to be the deciding run. This close game was highlighted by suberb defensive plays by both teams.
Coached by Tom Dworak, the West Hartford roster also included Marissa Boccaccio, Sheri Brick, Lauren Clarke, Heather Corrigan, Kelly McCormick, Allie Mainelli, Jessica Markowitz, Kelly Mascolo, Julie Monahan, Alix Raymond, Liz Ross, Maya Shoham, Erica Stankoski and Allison Tracey.

Congratulations Tolland - NCGSL 2002 U-16 Tournament Runners-up.


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