Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League

** 2003 U-16 League Tournament **

The NCGSL 2003 U-16 league tournament was held at Field Road Park in Somers on Saturday and Sunday, August 9th and 10th. The teams were arranged into three groups (1-4-7, 2-5-8 and 3-6-9) based on their final season records. On Saturday, each team played the other two in their group. The results of these games reseeded the teams #1 through #9. An #8-#9 game was played on Saturday afternoon to complete the 8-team single elimination bracket for Sunday. All Saturday games had an 80-minute time limit and home team was determined by coin toss. An '8-run after 4 innings' mercy rule was also in effect. Higher seed was home team in Sunday games and International tie-breaker rules applied.

Group 1-4-7: Vernon (11-1), Simsbury (7-5) and West Hartford (5-7).

Group 2-5-8: Enfield (10-2), Granby (7-5) and Somers (3-9).

Group 3-6-9: South Windsor (7-5), Windsor (7-5) and Hebron (1-9).

Saturday Results (see photos)
9:00AM Games 10:30AM Games Lunch Break / Awards - postponed until Sunday after 9:30 games.

1:45PM Games Seedings by Intergroup Results
#1 Simsbury (2-0) (2 runs allowed).
#2 Granby (2-0) (8 runs allowed).
#3 Vernon (1-1) (2 runs allowed).
#4 Windsor (1-1) (5 runs allowed; defeated South Windsor 2-1).
#5 South Windsor (1-1) (5 runs allowed; lost to Windsor 1-2).
#6 Enfield (1-1) (7 runs allowed).
#7 Hebron (1-1) (8 runs allowed).
#8 Somers (0-2) (18 runs allowed).
#9 West Hartford (0-2) (22 runs allowed).

3:15PM Game
Sunday Results (see photos)
9:30AM Games - Quarter-Finals
Regular Season Awards (Pavilion)

11:00AM Games - Quarter-Finals 12:30PM Games - Semi-Finals Championship Game (see photos)
Vernon 4, Somers 0. Mary Gordon, backed by Vernon's superb team defense, pitched a complete game shutout against Somers in the tournament final. Eliza Paterson had three singles and made two catches in the outfield. Rachel Laster hit a double and Nicole Albertson singled. Coached by Tom Gordon and Mike Gandini, the Vernon roster also included Suzanne Carlson, Leighann Caron, Sherri Gandini, Alyssa Hoyt, Michelle LaBoda, Katie Lotas, Rebecca Mattern, Beth Paterson, Melissa Rebai and Amanda Viens.

* * * CONGRATULATIONS VERNON - 2003 U-16 Tournament Winners * * *

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