Northern Connecticut Girls' Softball League

** 2004 U-16 League Tournament **

The NCGSL 2004 U-16 league tournament was held at Vernon Center Middle School on Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th. The field at Rockville High School was utilized as the fourth field.
Number designations for Saturday games were per order of finish for the regular season: (1)Granby (14-0), (2)Vernon (11-1), (3)Windsor (10-4), (4)Enfield (10-5), (5)Hebron (7-6), (6)South Windsor (7-6), (7)Somers (5-7), (8)Suffield (4-10), (9)Simsbury (3-11), (10)West Hartford (3-11) and (11)Marlborough (0-13). Tie breakers were head-to-head games, then divisional records.
The results of Saturday's games seeded the teams for single elimination on Sunday. All Saturday games had an 80-minute time limit and home team was determined by coin toss. A '10-runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5' mercy rule was also in effect. Higher seed was home team in Sunday games and international tie-breaker rules were used.

Saturday Results (see photos)
8:00AM Games 10:00AM Games

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Regular Season Awards
2004 U-16 Teams and Awards

1:00PM Games 3:00PM Games

Seeding Order from Saturday Games
#1 - Enfield (3-0 / 2 runs allowed).
#2 - Granby (2-0 / 2 runs allowed).
#3 - Vernon (3-0 / 6 runs allowed).
#4 - Somers (3-0 / 11 runs allowed).
#5 - Hebron (2-1 / 6 runs allowed).
#6 - South Windsor (2-1 / 11 runs allowed).
#7 - Windsor (1-2).
#8 - West Hartford (0-3 / 25 runs allowed / 6 runs scored).
#9 - Simsbury (0-3 / 25 runs allowed / 4 runs scored).
#10 - Suffield (0-3 / 25 runs allowed / 3 runs scored).
#11 - Marlborough (0-3 / 38 runs allowed).

Sunday's Results (times are very approximate) (see photos)
1:00PM - First Round Games
2:45PM - Quarter-Final Games
4:30PM - Semi-Final Games
6:15PM - Tournament Final (see photos)
Enfield 2, Vernon 1.
Enfield defeated defending U-16 tournament champ Vernon by a score of 2-1 in an exciting final. Spectacular defensive plays by both teams stifled potential scoring opportunities.
Kim Collins went the distance for the winners, striking out seven. Kelsey Flanagan was instrumental behind the plate while Kyleen Klement, Sarah Wenz, Susan Scanlon and Alyssa Cannella comprised the infield defense that excelled in this game and throughout the tournament. Dawn Ezold and Kelsey Flanagan combined for a strikeout / throw out double play on a Vernon steal attempt in the first inning. Amy Angeloni, Jess Crank, Megan Kradas, Rheena Ware and Lauren Miles all made significant contributions to the win for the Enfield team, which was coached by Joe Cannella and Lance Miles.
Each team managed to manufacture a run after 3 1/2 scoreless innings. Nicole Serafin reached first base in the fourth inning. Kim Collins advanced her to third base from where she was able to score on a bunt single by Regina Falkowski. Vernon answered back with a single by Kendra Skoly. She eventually scored on a passed ball to knot the score 1-1. Enfield's Alyssa Cannella then ripped a triple to the right-centerfield gap in the fifth inning and went home on an overthrow to score the deciding run.
Mary Gordon pitched very well for Vernon, striking out five and collecting five assists on Enfield bunt attempts. Both teams were outstanding overall in what was easily the most exciting game of the tournament. As inclement weather on Sunday morning delayed the day's program for more than four hours, the championship game ended as darkness fell.

* * Congratulations Vernon - 2004 U-16 Tournament Runners-up * *


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